A/B Testing

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A/B Testing

We use A/B testing as part of a website optimisation process to guarantee you real conversion results. A/B testing consists of running variations of the same page, ad or campaign to determine which variation generates the most engagement. Whether it be for lead pages, checkout, campaigns or headline propositions, A/B testing is a valuable way to track the resonance of your marketing message. We are offering comprehensive A/B testing services that provide your business with tangible data to improve your customer’s experience and your businesses outreach.

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We A/B Test On

As the first and often the last thing visitors see, headlines are integral to test as they may prove the difference between a user staying or leaving your site.


ROI is every businesses goal when investing in advertising. Whether it be promotional or social ads, the goal is to generate traffic back to your website. Improving your website through A/B testing could be the key to achieving that conversion rate you’ve been chasing.

Top Landing Pages

Websites have varying entry points as visitors enter your site through pages which correlate to their search. We collect the data to review your most visited pages. We use this information to evaluate your current performance and conversions. We then A/B test your top landing page copy to thereby improve your overall conversions.

Checkout Pages

For e-commerce stores, shopping cart conversions are the key to overall revenue. Shopping cart desertion is usually due to poor user experience. Testing variant forms of checkout pages can drastically improve your customer’s experience and ultimately result in higher conversions.

Lead Pages

For any business that relies on leads, A/B testing can be instrumental. We test your lead conversion pages and email forms to formulate improved calls to action.

Our A/B Testing Process

We collate your businesses analytical information to provide us with the insight and understanding to know where to start. This will tell us where your site is performing best and where the improvement can come from. We identify your pages with both low and high conversion and drop off rates. We use A/B testing to help to achieve your overall marketing goals.

Create Variations

We collaborate with you to create hypotheses variations that we can then test. Our experts then use A/B software to make the variations.


After formulating the variations we launch the experiment and monitor the activity. Visitors to your site, app or campaign will be randomly assigned a variation and their response/interaction will be measured and compared.

Analyse Results

Once the test phase is complete, we collate the data to give you an accurate picture of how the variations performed. This data is then used to implement a marketing strategy that improves upon the results given.

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