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Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing has now become an important factor in a company's overall marketing strategies. It's a performance-based marketing strategy where by the publishers of websites agree to promote your products/services on their websites for a commission when a consumer takes an action.


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So what is Affiliate Marketing? How does it increases your ROI and ensure profitable results? A versatile online marketing method, affiliate marketing allows businesses to sell their products and services on the web based upon a Pay for Performance Model! You only pay your affiliates when the introduction of new client/subscriber leads to a lead or sale. One Stop Media works as the perfect bridge between merchants and affiliates in this lucrative and dynamic field.

Start seeing immediate improvement in web traffic, leading to business growth faster than your competitors….

Our Affiliate Marketing management  increases your ROI by facilitating profitable, long-term partnerships between publishers and advertisers.

Which types of affiliates can generate sales for your business?

Commission-based/per Sale Payment: In this kind of arrangement, the publisher gets payment for each purchase made on the site. It can be either a flat rate commission basis or sliding scales based on high traffic.

Use of Coupon Codes: Affiliates will share these codes with visitors via e-mail campaigns, social networks, or post them on open listing sites. Discounts on products generate sales.

Content Marketing: Monetise content with banner affiliate ads, image links, widgets, and contextual links. It is also involve user generated content as discussion forums.

Loyalty/Cashbacks: Apps and websites offering members, donations, cashbacks for rewards or good causes as exchange for buying products from partner merchants help generate business sales.

PPC: PPC campaigns, directs the traffic to business website through use of margin specific keywords.

What our affiliate marketing services can do for you

One Stop Media uses various affiliate marketing channels to ensure the best returns for your business. Performance-based campaigns promise positive returns as you only pay for results and nothing else. Our affiliate campaigns run within budgetary limitations and predefined timeframe, leading to swift performance boost.

Result-oriented program with commissions based on Click on Links, Subscriptions via Online Form Filling, or Sale of a Product or Service! Our marketers sit down with you to plan a strategy, determine metrics, final goals, and choose the best affiliate programs out there!

Business Benefits: Extend reach, increase sales through top-of-the-line publisher network

For Publishers: Come in contact with thousands of advertisers and related network programs. Monetise online traffic to earn fantastic commissions.

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