Although Facebook Might be Easy To Use and All for Engaging User Experience Facebook Ad Campaigns are Quite a Different Beast

Although Facebook might be easy to use and all for engaging user experience Facebook ad campaigns are quite a different beast.

If you’ve recently run a Facebook ad and it fell flat, there are a few reasons it probably happened. There are also a few reasons you shouldn’t give up on Facebook Ads just yet. But there are a BUNCH of reasons to stop throwing your money at the boost post button, thinking it’s a magical direct link to a bag of gold. It’s not that simple, but it’s not too complicated either.

Here are basic rules you can begin with in Facebook advertising.

1. Remember, images are far more likely to be interacted with and memorised than written text alone. If you compromise on visuals, you cut your appeal rate dramatically.

2. Stand your ground. The temptation to be all over every marketing platform is strong, we know- but it’s not groundcover you need- it’s consistency and attention to authenticity. The one platform per campaign is a great way to channel focus on a primary campaign.

3. Make the most of the Facebook targeting feature. Great Facebook ads speak to the individual, and defining your audience allows you to do that very precisely. Even if you’ve identified a very specific market, speaking to more than one persona is a great way to garner more reach. Having a number of persona profiles that include behavioural traits and relevant personality patterns, age and location demographics, is an effective way to cover your audience in a more personalised way.

4. Have a crystal-clear call to action. Words like ‘today, now and contact us are popular for a good reason- because they directly ask the customer to engage in the offer. If they’re interested, the content was probably meeting a need

Most small business owners understand Facebook is a HUGE opportunity, especially on a low budget. Unless you have a marketing team working for you, great Facebook campaigns are probably hard work. It’s notoriously rocky terrain out there in social media advertising but if you want to speak social media advertising fluently, you need to get around the basics.

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