Apple Watch – A Device Full of Expectations for Businesses/People


The rumors had been making rounds for months, and finally they all were put to rest when Apple unveiled the announcement of its first wearable device, the Apple Watch in the September 2014.

No doubt, it would be much more than merely a timepiece. It would be a fitness monitor with heart rate tracker and an accelerometer to follow your workout. This watch will also provide a bunch of apps with a potential to receive calls when connected with an iPhone.

Expectations of People

This will fulfilled the dream of people who were longing to have high tech device from Apple after its announcement. It would have immense impact on local search as geo-targeting and offers mobile coupons.

It is quite a flowery prediction that Apple Watch will likely catapult the number and frequency of hyper-local searches, adding value to the businesses to make sure that they can be found by their target consumers on the move.

Core Features

With its WatchKit tool set the developers would be able to easily develop apps for experiences especially designed for Apple Watch, which, in turn, could influence search and the communication between businesses and customers, based on what those developers bring to platter.

With this watch, the users will not only gain access to the Digital Crown, but they will also get a high-tech version of the conventional watch knob that will enable them to scroll, navigate, zoom and access Siri. It will provide access to Taptic Engine or a linear actuator that offers tactile feedback. This Taptic Engine will offer a discreet, delicate and nuanced experience by engaging more of your senses.

Beneficial for Quick Business Search 

As per the Vice President of Technology Kevin Lynch, the users can search for the locations using dictation or favorites, find out the routes and get haptic feedback at every turn that include various alerts to denote right or left turns.

The small screen and portability being a core feature, searches could hyper-local in which users would be searching for business locations quite close to them in a restricted radius of miles or even blocks. This facility makes it important for businesses to create a comprehensive profile on Google Maps by set up through the new Google My Business system. It will also allow the users to take advantage of opportunities for digital coupons and schemes that customers can redeem when present physically nearby. This potential will offer the businesses a competitive edge in search.

Startling Stats

According to analyst firm Canalys, this watch will make up the maximum wearable devices shipped internationally in 2015, transforming the potential reach and implications of this watch for businesses and search bigger.

Only future will decide whether users want to avail the uses and features of this watch and want to get closer to the Cupertino Company.

All the additional details about this watch and its search capabilities are available at present in the website

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