Best SEO Practices for Business Optimisation

best seo practices for business

What are the key components of  a flourishing business? High profit generation and flow of organic traffic to your site. If you are a small business owner, you will need all the traffic you can possibly get and you should look for ways and means to achieve it. This can be through paid and organic sources. Paid traffic is effective but organic traffic is better. For diverting the best organic traffic to your site, you need to implement optimum SEO practices which can definitely take your business to the next level. There are some specific SEO methodologies which if implemented fully will definitely give you the desired results.

Content Crossword Concept

Establish rapport with your customers through engaging content – There is nothing better than engaging content to grab attention of customers who feel that they will benefit from it. And once they do understand that it is helpful, word about the content will spread like a bushfire and by default your business will grow too. Content that adds no value to what a customer already knows is useless. By posting ordinary run-of-the-mill generic content, you are not helping your cause. Good high quality and unique content will instill confidence in your customers that by checking out your business, a small part of their doubts, worries and uncertainties will be taken care of. You’ll be assured of repeat traffic for life.

That “content is king” is no exaggeration. It should electrify your audience and make them want more. It should impress them. Go off the beaten path and offer something different. Cater to all sections of audience but target specific segments. Your solutions for those in the forties will not be the same as those in their twenties.

It is also necessary that content should be livened up with attractive info graphics, videos and podcasts, anything that will interest your customer and project your brand to the maximum. And yes, the title should capture the imagination and make the customer go to the first line.

Local Search Marketing
Optimise your site to the area of operation – Optimise your website to your area of operation. If your business is in Melbourne it is cost effective to have your website tuned to that particular geographical area. Australians are today accessing businesses from their mobiles and desktops before finalising a deal. For example, a customer seeking car servicing will naturally want to know the service centres in his locality.

Hence the website should be designed for local rankings and search engines should see your business as very appropriate to your service area. Have your business reviewed on local websites such as Womo and Yelp and get your local Google business listings. A potential customer should have no problems finding you.

Key With Keywords Text As Symbol For SEO Or Searching

Keyword Optimisation – What do people write to reach the goods and services offered by you? It might be a single word, it might be a phrase or it might be half a sentence known as a long tailed keyword. It is necessary that a detailed on-page and off-page research be carried out to arrive at the magic words related to your business.

However, in your attempt to stress the keywords, do not cram them into the site. There should be a natural flow to it and should not look like spam.

Businessman Holding Roi With Upward Moving Arrow

Make your website maximize ROI with use of Analytics – There should be a constant effort on your part to know what is giving you returns and what isn’t. Your website should be constantly analysed in details to know which pages are bringing in most traffic and which keywords people are using to find you. These are some among the many other factors.

This will also give you an idea as to which direction you should channelize your efforts so as to maximize your returns on investment. Flab must be eliminated and the data so gathered along with use of analytics will give proper direction to your business, leading to growth and profitability.

Proper use of anchor text – Anchor texts are those blue clickable words that take you to other pages or websites. Basically, these are links disguised as words.

An oft repeated mistake by business owners is to frequently repeat one anchor text, in all probability a keyword throughout the website. This results in the website being penalised and being deprived of rankings. It is bad SEO. The way out is to ensure that the anchor texts are as varied and diverse as possible.

Quality and not quantity is the foundation of good SEO – It is a general notion that unlimited link building is good SEO. Nothing can be further from the truth. Poor quality links do a great deal of harm to your website. Further, recent Google algorithms can detect any abnormality in link building. A website that is suddenly showered with hundreds of links, especially if it is a new one is not considered favourably. The whole process has to be spread out over a period of time. Hence the focus should be on high quality varied links and not on their quantity.

These are some of the basic pointers for good SEO and a means to divert traffic to your website and climb up search engine rankings. This in turn results in high business turnover and increased profitability.

We at One Stop Media follow these good SEO practices and deliver consistent results for our clients. Call us now for a free quote.

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