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Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) is a form of digital fundraising that allows businesses and start-ups to sell their crypto tokens in exchange for capital in the form of cryptocurrency. Not only does this method of crowdfunding raise much needed money for businesses but it also provides a global platform to engage with investors. ICO’s allows you to retain total control of your business while still raising revenue. It also bypasses the need for lengthy bureaucrat processes that may hinder the development of businesses in the start-up phase.

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One Stop Media

One Stop Media are leading the way when it comes to innovative digital marketing solutions such as Blockchain implementation and development. With experience in the successful development of ICOs, One Stop Media is there every step of the way to oversee the formation of cryptocurrencies, pre-sale of ICO, whitepaper creation, web development and design and social media marketing.

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We’ve got an energetic team of 40+ people, including consultants, analysts, designers, developers and strategists who are ready to make your business thrive. Nothing stands in our way when it comes to delivering digital marketing results that will take your business to the next level.
ICO Marketing Services
Development of Cryptocurrency

We customise your coin/tokens so that they are distinctive. We specialise in developing cryptocurrencies on a range of Blockchain platforms.

Pre and Private ICO sale

Through the development of smart contracts and paid advertisements, One Stop Media organizes token sale events that are intended to raise funds before the final crowd sale.

Project Listing

One Stop Media are active proponents in the crypto-world. As such we have an acute understanding of crypto investors and the listing sites they refer to. We will assist in listing your Airdrop campaign on a range of ICO sites to increase the investor reach of your token.

WhitePaper Formation

A Whitepaper is the foundation to a successful ICO launch. It essentially functions as a blueprint for investors to get a detailed look at the project you are raising funds for. This document is devoted to garnering investor attention and should outline the competitive advantages of the project in question. Consultation during this process is essential and we will ensure you have a Whitepaper that is made to attract the investor attention you are after.

Web Design

A webpage functions as the shopfront for an ICO, making its appearance and functionality of paramount importance. One Stop Media specialise in web development and design and can create a page that best represent the token you are offering. The webpage should be developed before the ICO launch and include links to the Whitepaper, social media platforms, crypto communities and have detailed information about the token. After the ICO launch, the webpage must be maintained with updates and press releases.

Social Media

In order to gain more traction on the webpage, being active on social media is integral. Creating dedicated social media profiles on multiple channels about the token will assist in creating investor interest and will also create a way to openly interact with potential investors. One Stop Media can assist in the creation of social media profiles and can also help to market the token on social media after the ICO launch. We will also connect you with the crypto community through social media pages and forums and garner interest in this way.

AirDrop Campaign

Designed to create hype within the crypto community, Airdrop campaigns offer free tokens to active proponents and participants in the blockchain and promote a further awareness of a toked. A tried and tested marketing technique, here at One Stop Media we use our extensive marketing experience to attract investor interest through Airdrop campaigns.

ICO Promotion

Influencer Marketing

The crypto sphere has a range of influencers, advisors and industry leaders all of whom investors look to before backing a token. Here at One Stop Media we understand the power of influence and will assist in acquiring positive reviews from them to further attract investor attention.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the strongest outreach tools. One Stop Media specialises in email marketing and can curate a campaign that best promotes your project.

Content Marketing

Engaging content is a sure fast way to retain the attention of potential investors and create anticipation and momentum after the ICO launch. One Stop Media understands the value in consistent and relevant content and will ensure this content targets the appropriate audience.

ICO Bounty Campaign

We can assist in offering incentives associated with the ICO.

Public Relations

To curate and maintain a reputable standing in the crypto world is fundamental to a successful ICO. One Stop Media will increase brand awareness and project reputation through sponsored press releases in the relevant crypto publications.

Investor Relations

Managing investor relationships is an ongoing task after a ICO launch. We will help with investor pitches as well as manage pools and funds relationships.

Event Management

Events can be a great way to promote a ICO. Leave it to us to plan, manage and sponsor your ICO events.


Whether it be for social media or crypto platforms, we utilise our experience in the digital space to advertise your ICO on the most relevant channels and make sure your project details reach investors.
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