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Blockchain Infrastructure Services

Blockchain infrastructure is the technology that is fast emerging and fast taking over the business landscape. One Stop Media can help your business take advantage of the benefits that the innovation has to offer. We can show you how to deliver value to your customers and stop wasting time and money on research and development, all with complete security.

Blockchain PaaS

We keep things simple with Blockchain PaaS. Expanding to Blockchain platform-as-a-service, this technology offers a platform for the experimentation and testing of Blockchain apps in order to reduce risk. With increased security and confidence in your solutions, you’ll be able to deliver added value to customers.

One Stop Media has built a suite of tools, technologies and services so that your business can streamline its digital transactions. It can be difficult to keep up with the complicated and quickly-changing transaction protocol landscape, so leave it to us to manage.

You’ll be able to connect your existing or new applications to our HTTP REST APIs. Take full advantage of Blockchain features without having to learn the technical details of each individual protocol. Our API’s are maintained and up-to-date and because we take care of it all, your current non-Blockchain developers will have the ability to create unique Blockchain-enabled products.

Benefits of Blockchain PaaS

  • Reusable components allow a faster solution time to market
  • Secure and reliable
  • Give current developers the opportunity to understand Blockchain concepts
  • Prepare and plan for the future
  • Uniform access across public and private Blockchains
Blockchain Infrastructure PaaS

Key features

Familiar Toolset

We offer HTTP REST APIs and tutorials so you can get to grips with building Blockchain applications. We focus on using tools and languages that your developers already understand.

Managed Updates

We take care of automatic protocol updates, so you get to avoid costs and time associated with ongoing maintenance. We’ll introduce you to new features as they come available.

Explorer Dashboard

Access to our easy-to-understand dashboard, enabling you to visualise Blockchain data and assisting with learning the concepts of Blockchain.

Protocol Agility

It’s straight-forward to write once and switch underlying protocols. Our protocols are flexible enough so it requires minimal administration or time from you.

Guided Security

We build our platforms using the best practices and company security in mind, because we want you to feel confident that your data and money is safe. Choose between leaving key management to us, or taking care of it yourself.

Protocol Mixing

This feature gives you the ability to use and mix multiple protocols at once. Pick out the best bits of multiple innovative technologies and use in one platform interface.

Other services

Connect with Customers with Our Custom Chatbots

Welcome visitors to your website with a personalised and interactive Chatbot that provides useful information and interaction.

  • Interact with clients and promote engagement
  • Leave a lasting impression and provide information
  • Let us build a customised Chatbot for your site


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