Boost Website Conversions with Effective Call-To-Actions

Your website is the mirror of your business and hence it is but natural that its structure should be in a manner that encourages growth, expansion and sales. This in no way means that the site should be crammed with product information. Customers come to your site for a specific purpose and they want the information as quickly as possible and as simply as possible so that their decision making process is not mired in complexities. The best way to do this is through call to actions or CTAs as it is commonly known. It can be a link, or a catchy sentence or phrase or even a button that prompts, cajoles and convinces the visitor to take the next step forward. This step will naturally be channelized to a conversion or purchase.

Let us see why CTAs are such an integral part of any web design.

Lead generation – One of the crucial aspects of CTAs is enabling lead generation. This is making visitors leave their names and email addresses behind so that you can have a customer database for future promotion or marketing campaigns. Make it easy for the customers to contact you by inserting a contact button with your phone number, email and other relevant information. Another method is known as gating in which visitors have to leave their personal data before they can reach the product information they are interested in. You can even add live chat that will ultimately result in lead generation or you may even offer subscriptions to your blog site in exchange of leads. Having contests is a very effective part of call to actions to hold on to the interest of visitors.

Keeping the visitors’ attention – More the time the consumer spends on your site the higher will be the possibility of dwindling attention span. It is thus crucial to keep on supplying them with relevant information through well written content. Holding on to them will increase the chances of conversions. All the information should be packaged in a manner that leads the customer to exactly what he wants to know. Tell them quickly what they came for and put call to actions for learning more. Only when they are satisfied will the outcome be a conversion.

The main purpose of CTAs is to bring all the choices that are available right in front of the visitor. They might not have arrived with the intention of making a purchase but with the right CTAs, they can be persuaded to do so.

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