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The surge in chatbot successes has seen many businesses wanting to utilise this new technology. However, many are still uncertain about how to proceed, what system to choose and how a Botmaster fits into the new technology. At One Stop Media, we are professional Botmasters assisting businesses to deliver chatbots, which provide their clients with a premium user experience while meeting the desired business goals.

What is a botmaster?

With any system, especially complicated ones like chatbots, there are the ‘masters’ behind the screen. With chatbots they are called ‘Botmasters’ and are responsible for a number of things including;

  • Keeping the bot online
  • Fixing any errors or conversation shortfalls
  • Ensuring they do not break company policy

A botmaster is essentially the overseer of the entire bot project, focused on the vision and execution of a chatbot. The Botmaster’s role is to continually improve and adapt chatbots to best serve not only the business’s aim but also customers’ expectations.

The importance of an experienced botmaster

Chatbots represent an exciting growth strategy for most businesses, however, they are not able to successfully implement the new technology without an experienced Botmaster guiding and managing the process. A Botmaster is not the same as a Botcreater, although many Botmasters do create bots. The role is broader than simple creation, and any Botmaster requires experience in a variety of areas to be successful at their job.

Hire a company focused on Quality

At One Stop Media, we identify three key areas which are essential to the success a chatbot Botmaster. With our focus on quality service, we ensure our team are experienced in these key skills.

  • Communication: The entire role of a chatbot is to communicate to customers in response to keywords. Therefore, a large part of a Botmaster’s role is seeking to improve the bot’s communication. While machine learning and big data can assist in scripted responses, Botmasters are responsible for setting the personality and tone of bot aligned to the business’s brand. They are also responsible for determining the communication plan, strategies for engaging customers and when to delegate to a human for a response.
  • UX Engineer: One of the main aspects of a Botmasters role is to develop and maintain technology to engage customers with a leading user experience design. They are required to maintain an excellent working knowledge of chatbot technology and make decisions on the best tech to meet the business and chatbot’s goals.
  • Growth Hacking: Finally, Botmasters must be experienced in providing excellent user experience. At One Stop Media, we believe it is important that Botmasters are not only able to interpret data for better user experiences, but they are also able to develop and implement creative strategies to acquire users.

Unsure where to start? Talk to Us.

If your business is looking to invest in a chatbot system and you still are uncertain about how to approach the technology, talk to us at One Stop Media. Our team of experienced chatbot designers and Botmasters can assist you through every stage of your project, ensuring you receive the best chatbot system for your business.

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