Why can’t we handle our data? Do we really need cloud computing?

Technology is growing very fast, if we don’t move with it, we are not an intellectual human being. Not only technology but commercial houses are moving on to cloud as cloud had expanded its arms to provide new enterprise ready platform to multi-national companies. Developers are heading to cloud and entrepreneurs depict that, if your business can’t survive on cloud, it is hard to handle big-data now.

InfoWorld’s survey on cloud computing clearly elaborates the benefits of cloud and reasons why developers and businesses are moving onto cloud. Cloud provides security with a reduction of 11.6% of usual time of processing by streamlining all the processes and its ability to get development tools online as its assents. Developers find it easy to store all the data and information about their clients and themselves on cloud because of high security and protection to ones privacy and content.

Cloud offers you an unlimited storage and flexible data synchronization. It enables one to access data time a day, 24hrs at your service. In case your downfall or a crash, you don’t have to worry about data. Data is safe and processed on cloud with disaster recovery settings, better results and efficiency. Let us understand things better where Google is saving its bigdata, Microsoft’s future plans and strategies, Facebook’s social media and stuff. Why these companies are relying and dependent on cloud services? Answer is already given, because of the flexible, reluctant, secure, private, public and many more services provided by cloud.

App development and synchronization in cloud is what techs are moving to. Two killer use cases approaching cloud are big data and app development. One Stop Media offers to its clients cloud bases services. If we don’t explore the technology, we do not understand the benefits and advantages on using it. Some benefits of one Stop Media promises to its customers on choosing cloud oriented services are:

  • Do you really not own a hardware and software to run your app? No need to have one, the self-provisioned and testing environments in cloud can help you build your own data centre with dedicated services.
  • Cloud gives you an opportunity to make productive applications and scaling them.
  • The ability to access your data and the users can access your public information anytime a day
  • An easy way to collaborate and merge your businesses.
  • Moving to virtualization even faster by using best management tools on cloud. No need to sacrifice the quality, you can get into the market.
  • Full control of infrastructure with 24/7 IT supports. Handy services on your phone, less cost and maintenance. No need to pay for the loyalty.

Let’s see how much you can save. The value is really apparent, technology is solid and the opportunity is clear. Are you in with One Stop Media?

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