Can’t you speak Front-end and Back-end?

One stop media is a highly talented and well qualified team of experts. We are planning to provide a series of updates for people who are not familiar with tech terms. Knowing these terms helps in understanding the working of personal and commercial websites which allows enhancement of marketing strategies.

Our goal is to listen to you and come up with such a unique and interesting content for your website which will not only a challenge for competitors but also an opportunity to understand design and development of website.


Anything in front of you is your front-end. When you turn on your computer to interact with web browsers, there you are, on your front-end. Playing games on your mobile phone, chatting with friends, using Facebook, Google Plus, Whatsapp etc are nothing, just an interaction with your front-end. Let’s give it a rewind and think, what’s happening with the app in your mobile? There you enter in the back-end…


Everything in life is a drama, what’s happening behind the scenes is what we call in tech terms as back-end. A secret to how internet discovers what you searched for is all the data being stored in your back-end when you surf on internet. Cookies track your interests, but we only see the front-end.

An interesting thing about back-end is that, we don’t even know where the back-end is. Back-end is just an illusion of storing your data on server. It may be on your server or someone is hosting it.

To make back-end more user friendly we use frameworks like Ruby on Rail, Cake PHP, Code Igniter and many more. Most of the websites are designed in WordPress which is a best example o show how Back-End and Front-End interacts with each other.


What we see is how we did. Front-End is just a reflection of your Back-End. They can’t exist without each other but are completely different from each other. Our Computer acts as a conjugate to process back-end and display it on front-end.

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