The Australian Centre of Further Education (ACFE) is dedicated to providing opportunities to individuals from all backgrounds to study the profession of their choice. ACFE recognise that education is a lifelong process, and believe that with quality education, individuals can build on existing skills and knowledge to forge a rewarding career path.
“The goal is to equip participants with knowledge and skills to maximise their potential.” – ACFE

02, Feb 2016


Improving online presence on major search engines. To achieve page #1 rankings for a select list of targeted keywords and phrases and generate leads.


The website stagnated with a poor presence across search engines. Existing website pages were not search engine optimised.


One Stop Media executed keyword and market research with the view to analyse competitor ranking, based on our targeted keywords. ACFE back links were also analysed.

The Challenge

With the goal of achieving page #1 rankings, our goal was to optimise the online presence of ACFE across major search engines with the use of targeted keywords.


  • Through strategic website changes, we aimed to improve the user experience, and strengthen user engagement that was driven by organic traffic, plus paid and unpaid advertising formats.
  • Increasing conversation rates by implementing call to action buttons and other changes to increase the overall revenue of the business.
  • To increase overall return for the business through conversion rates, with call to action buttons and a more immersive, controllable experience for the user.
  • Monitoring the value of each online marketing platform, and comparing this with revenue geared, in order to calculate accurate ROI for costs.
  • Continuous analysis and monitoring to generate optimised ROI by strategic changes in budget spent on paid and free advertising material.

The Solution

A considerable budget was planned to assign to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and to drive maximum ROI. Some necessary changes were made in the website design to provide information in the right manner and at the right time before executing any SEO and SEM strategy. We increased the loading speed of the website by image optimisation, javascript, CSS and other potential parameters.

A range of call to action buttons was introduced to streamline the viewer’s experience of navigating the site and experience as a student. “Enquire Now” and “Apply Online” made it possible for students to engage with the service out of strict business hours.

While this works to create leads for business, it also secures a trust bond between the consumer and the service offered.

The website was converted into a more user-friendly structure. This responsive design allowed for the user to access all information in a simple, easy to use website experience that works well regardless of the device the viewer is using.

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How we did
ACFE is a thriving service managed by team of highly qualified educators training students to be qualified health practitioners in Australia. They are referred to by thousands of students each year.
However, prior to engaging with One Stop Media in 2015, the organisation lacked online drive in comparison to their competitors and needed assistance in streamlining and improving their position in the modern digital landscape.
On analysing their website, we found that ACFE had a very poor online presence and were commonly overlooked for business opportunities due to this lack of online presence.
One Stop Media professionals developed an effective plan and SEO strategy that would provide the agency with stronger online reach, visibility and ranking across major search engines.
This strategy made ACFE very accessible to students looking for similar educational services in Melbourne from smartphones and other devices.
Soon after our engagement, course enquiries and sales and enrolments had grown exponentially and today, ACFE have forged their position as leaders in their field of health educators.
Current Ranking on google.com.au
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65 keywords targeted: initial ranking – not in top 100 at the start of the campaign.
Our Results
The new ACFE website has reinforced the organisations brand and digital strategy by making content more accessible, information more readily available and the availability of arranging online quotes and related services with call to action prompts.
Significant changes in the website bounce rate have been observed after we increased the loading speed of the website, and the availability of the “Enquire Now” and “Apply Online” buttons have increased leads and enquiries about the range of services ACFE offer.


Lead Increase


Organic growth


Return on Investment


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Cory-dean West
Digital Strategist
Nadeem Shaikh
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Rantej Kandola
Head Of Seo
Mayuran Chelvachandran
Account Manager
Nipun Perera
PPC Manager
Ainslee Baruhas
Digital Pr & Outreach Specialist
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