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01, Dec 2014


Improving nine presence major search engines. To achieve page #1 rankings for a select list of targeted keywords and phrases and generate leads.


The company website had a very low presence on search engines. Web pages were not search engine optimised.


We carried out keyword and market research to analyse competitors ranking based on our targeted keywords, while also analysing their back-links.

The Challenge

The goal was improving DPI Jewellery’s online presence across major search engines, along with the view to achieving page ranking using a select list of targeted keywords and phrases.


  • Increase user experience and user engagement of visitors driven by organic, paid and other forms of advertising by strategic website design changes.
  • Increasing conversation rates by implementing call to action buttons, implemented shopping cart and other changes to increase the overall revenue of the business.
  • Mobile optimisation to increase profit and engagement establishing a strong online presence on the internet utilising a variety of paid and free advertising media available.
  • Tracking the success driven by each online marketing platform and measuring it with revenue generated so the correct ROI can be calculated for every dollar spent.
  • Continuous analysis and monitoring to generate optimised ROI by strategic changes in budget spent on paid and free advertising media.

The Solution

A considerable budget was planned to assign to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and to drive maximum ROI. Some necessary changes were made in the website design to provide information in the right manner and at the right time before executing any SEO and SEM strategy. We increased the loading speed of the website by image optimisation javascript, CSS and other potential parameters.

Potential information that establishes brand trust and control in viewer’s mind has been added. Giving viewers the opportunity to select stock and use a shopping cart, plus call to action tools such as the “Call Now” button ultimately increases leads to the business.

The website was converted into responsive structure so that mobile users can view the information easily, regardless of the screen size or device they are using to access the website.

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How we did
DPI Jewellery offers a huge range of sterling silver and stainless steel products as a wholesale-only service. Servicing the Melbourne metropolitan and surrounding areas, it has a high turnover and a packed client portfolio.
DPI Jewellery had, however, previously struggled to compete with the changing needs of the industry. In 2014, One Stop Media was approached by DPI Jewellery. They had a view to improve their online visibility and to compete more effectively with their competitors who had begun to capitalise on online trading to their advantage. DPI engaged with One StopMedia in order to move into better business methods.
On analysing the DPI Jewellery website we found a number of issues that significantly contributed to their lack of presence online and missed business opportunities.
From here, analysts at One Stop Media were able to develop effective SEO strategies that would address the lack of online visibility experienced by DPI Jewellery and see the business ranking among results pages of the leading search engines.
Soon after this, DPI Jewellery became more accessible to those looking for wholesale jewellery services in Melbourne from smartphones and other internet-enabled devices.
Shortly after our engagement, business enquiries and sales and conversions had begun to grow exponentially and today DPI Jewellery have progressed among healthy top competitors in the industry.
Project Timeline
December 2014
Intial project development
January 2015
Wireframing website design
January 2015
HTML Development of site
March 2015
Functionalities migration of data
April 2015
Sitelive service manual
Our Results
The new DPI Jewellery website has a strengthened brand and digital strategy. This has been acted on, through modifying content to make it more accessible, and through making information more readily available to the consumer, with the features of contact buttons making self-service a possibility for consumers as they interact with the website.
A drastic change in website bounce rates was observed after implementing these changes, with a considerable positive change in calls and enquiry about the services.

Meet Our team

Ralph Kalsi
Founder & Head Of Growth
Cory-dean West
Digital Strategist
Nadeem Shaikh
Cto / Blockchain Developer
Rantej Kandola
Head Of Seo
Mayuran Chelvachandran
Account Manager
Nipun Perera
PPC Manager
Ainslee Baruhas
Digital Pr & Outreach Specialist
Emma Severin
Content Writer