Australian Diamond Company
Business Date

Project date

08, Aug 2017

Business goal


Improving online presence on major search engines and to achieve page #1 rankings for a select list of targeted keywords and phrases and generate leads.

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The website had a low presence in search engines. Web pages were not search engine optimised.

Pre Campaign Analysis

pre - campaign analysis

Our team carried out keyword and market research to analyse competitors rankings based on our targeted keywords. We also analysed their back-links.

The Challenge

The goal was improving ADC online presence on major search engines and to achieve page #1 ranking for a select list of targeted keywords and phrases.


  • Increase the user experience and engagement of visitors who are driven by organic, paid and other forms of advertising through strategically planned website design changes.
  • Increasing conversation rates by implementing a range of specific service call to action buttons and other changes to increase the overall revenue of the business.
  • Mobile optimisation to increase profit and engagement. Establishing strengthened online presence on the internet and to this, using utilising a variety of paid and free advertising media available.
  • Tracking the success-driven reach online marketing platform and measuring it with revenue generated so the correct ROI can be calculated for each dollar spent.
  • Continuous analysis and monitoring to generate optimised ROI by strategic changes in the budget for paid and free advertising media.
The Solution

A considerable budget was planned out to assign to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and to drive maximum ROI.

Some necessary changes were implemented at critical points in the process prior to SEO and SEM commenced. We used image optimisation, javascript, CSS and other parameters to increase the loading speed of the website.

We introduced a number of call to action options that would establish viewers trust and allow them to gain control of their first experience with the business, which ultimately increased leads in sales for the business.

The website structure was also addressed and converted into a more responsive experience regardless of the device used by the viewer.

How we did

ADC offers highly accessible fine jewellery consultative service to clients. However, service accessibility was a problem in the past, when ADC had low visibility in the highly competitive fine jewellery market.

Approaching One Stop Media in 2017 to spearhead a digital marketing campaign that enabled ADC to gain a higher profile online, opportunities were opened up for a new sales market that some of their competitors had already begun to capitalise on.

Upon analysing the ADC website, our team found that their poor online presence was a hefty contributor to many lost sales opportunities.

Our professionals thereby identified a number of effective plans, and optimised SEO strategies that would ensure the agency had increased online visibility, placing the company in a better position to achieve high rankings on results pages of major search engines.

This made them quickly accessible to those looking for consultative jewellery experiences in Melbourne from smartphones and other internet-enabled devices. Soon, business enquiries and sales and conversions had begun to grow exponentially and today, TR consulting has emerged as one of the leaders in their field.

Current Ranking on

all 65 keywords are visible

engagement rings melbourne CBD #1
diamond engagement rings melbourne #3
melbourne engagement ring #3
engagement rings melbourne #4
diamond engagement rings #4
engagement rings #12

65 keywords targeted: initial ranking – not in top 100 at the start of the campaign.

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    Lead Increase

  • web organic growth


    Organic growth

  • roi


    Return on Investment

Our Results

The new ADC website supports and strengthens the ADC brand and digital strategy, making content more accessible and essential information more readily available to the user.

A notable change in website bounce was observed by increasing the loading speed and implementing call to action. Implementation of “Explore Collection” and “Schedule Appointment” buttons has shown a considerable positive change in calls and enquiry about the consultative services available at ADC.


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