Project Date

Project date

12, Sep 2017



One Stop Media supported Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery by creating a strategy to increase online presence and increase their sales.



Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery came to us with a website that had no presence on search engines and web pages were not at all search engine optimised.

Pre - campaign analysis

pre - campaign analysis

Before implementing the strategic campaign we carried out keyword and market research to analyse competitors rankings based on our targeted keywords and also analysed their backlinks.

The Challenge

The goal was improving online presence on major search engines and to achieve page 1 ranking for a select list of targeted keywords and phrases.


  • Increase user experience and user engagement of visitors driven by organic, paid and other forms of advertising by strategic website design changes.
  • Increasing conversation rates by implementing call to action buttons and other changes to increase the overall revenue of the business.
  • Mobile optimisation to increase profit and engagement.
  • Establishing strong online presence on the internet utilising variety of paid and free advertising media available.
  • Tracking the success driven by each online marketing platform and measuring it with revenue generated so the correct ROI can be calculated for each dollar spent.
  • Continuous analysis and monitoring to generate optimised ROI by strategic changes in budget spent for paid and free advertising media.

The Solution

A considerable budget was planned to assign to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and to drive maximum ROI. Some necessary changes were made in the website design to provide information in the right manner and at the right time before executing any SEO and SEM strategy. We increased the loading speed of the website by image optimisation, javascript, CSS and other potential parameters.

Above the fold section, potential information that establishes brand trust in viewer’s mind and call to action like “Get a Quote” button and direct “Click to Call” has been added. With this viewer’s can quickly take actions and ultimately increase leads for business. The website was converted into responsive structure so that mobile users can view the information easily regardless of the screen size or device they have been using to access the website.

How we did

Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery is a top Agency offering a wide range of tree care services to residents of Melbourne, Victoria and its suburbs. It has high turnover and a packed client portfolio.

However, it has not always been so. Even a year back, sales had been stagnant and they had been lagging far behind their competitors. It was then that they approached us at Onestopmedia to devise an online digital marketing campaign to get them out of the rut.

On analysing their website we found that they had a very poor online presence and were missing out on business opportunities. Our professionals thereby chalked out effective plans and optimised SEO strategies to ensure that the agency had increased online visibility and high rankings on results pages of major search engines.

This made them quickly accessible to those looking for similar tree care services in Melbourne from smart phones and other Internet enabled devices.

Soon business enquiries and sales and conversions had begun to grow exponentially and today, Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery has emerged as one of the leaders in this field.

Google Analytics
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And finally
the results is :

The new Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery website bolster their brand and digital strategy by making content more accessible, information more readily available and getting quotes and updates a fully self-serve reality.

A drastic change in website bounce rate was observed by increasing the loading speed and implementing call to action. Implementation of “Click to Call” has shown a considerable positive change in calls and enquiry about the services.