What are Chatbots?

A Chatbot is a service that is powered by rules or Artificial Intelligence (AI) and lives within a Chat Interface or a Messenger Platform. Chatbots are a relatively new internet trend that big tech companies, as well as small-medium businesses, want to embed on their sites.

Why do you Need Chatbots?

We spend 90% of the time on our mobiles using email and messaging platforms. Lately, digital users are growing tired of downloading apps whenever they interact with a company. Instead, they prefer messenger platforms, where they can engage in real-time conversation.

Chatbots offer businesses a way to directly reach out to individual customers, and consumers are responding well. To build a strong and successful online business, we have to service our customers where they hangout the most, which is currently inside a Chat Interface or Messenger Platform.

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To build a strong and successful online business, we have to service our customers where they hangout the most … which is currently inside a Chat Interface or Messenger Platform.

Examples of Chatbots

Weather bot forecast weather hourly, daily, weekly

Grocery bot order, shop, deliver groceries on-demand

News bot share the latest interesting news

Life Advice bot provide solutions to problems posed

Personal Finance bot assist manage my money

Scheduling bot help schedule meetings

Friend bot talk to a bot that is your friend

Benefits of Chatbots

  • Messenger apps are becoming the platforms of the future and Chatbots will be the means for businesses to conduct commerce
  • Consumers are used to using messenger services to communicate with friends, so feel comfortable conversing with brands on that same interface
  • Chatbots can answer FAQ’s for your business, without the need for an employee
  • Chatbots provide a simple way to provide information, connect with customers and encourage sales

Major Shifts

The major digital shifts that Chatbots offer to companies are:

  • Rich User Interface (RUI) to No User Interface (NUI) or Enough User Interface (EUI)
  • Macro services to Micro services
  • Online Payment channels to Offline Payment channels
  • Native apps to Chatbots

Popular Chatbot Uses

  • Shopping – 45% of consumers prefer to buy online, and Chatbots can offer a personalised service
  • Payments – Chatbots are able to initiate sales as well as complete them through payment systems
  • Restaurants – Chatbots are always online and always ready to take bookings and delivery orders
  • Healthcare – Healthcare providers can build stable relations, offer advice and make bookings, all with high security
  • Customer Support – Customers appreciate direct communication and never have to “hold the line”

Different Types of Chatbot

Today, there are two different types of Chatbots. They are “Rules” and “Machine Learning”.

Rules: Pre-determined and is only as smart as the designer and/or programmer.
Machine Learning: Starts with minimal to no knowledge, but self-learns over a course of time


  • Can be limited in its scope of understanding
  • Can respond to very specific demands – useful if your business regularly receives the same questions
  • The bot is only as smart as it is designed/programmed to be


  • The bot has an artificial brain (AI)
  • Can understand and respond to demands that are less specific
  • Understands natural language, not just commands
  • Gets progressively smarter as it learns from conversations

Sophisticated Technology

Chatbots have existed since the 1960’s, when ELIZA was developed in an attempt to psychoanalyse people. Since then, technology has developed in a huge way. Chatbot’s complex mesh technology comprises:

  • Analytics
  • Flow Optimisation
  • Deep Integration
  • Application Protocol Interface (API)
  • Routing and Escalation
  • Forget the ‘Back’ & ‘Forward’ buttons
  • Begin to ‘Un Learn’ now to ‘Learn’ something new

The Purpose of Chatbots

  • If you’re a brand or store, consider creating a Chatbot to help your customer with their purchasing.
  • If you’re a business, you might create a Chatbot to answer support questions.
  • Customers will no longer be calling 1800 or 1300 numbers.
  • Businesses will be expected to service via ‘Chatbot’ services.

Build your Chatbot Today!

One Stop Media is a digital marketing agency in Melbourne that can provide a Chatbot service for your business. Give your business a digital edge over your competitors and offer customers the service they prefer to use.

Contact us to find out how Chatbots can help your business, and which type of chatbot is best for you.

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