Chatbots and businesses: The New Frontier

We have talked about the new Chatbot technology taking Melbourne by storm is previous blogs, however I think it’s time we talk how it can directly benefit businesses. For businesses focused on attracting local and international audiences, there is no ignoring the Chatbot revolution.

Businesses today face the challenge of engaging with customers in an increasingly competitive environment. Customers have shortened attention spans, consistently looking for the next engaging content and brand to wow them. For businesses, this causes significant challenges in creating an intimate and deep relationship with both potential and current customers.

Chatbots and businesses
  • Chatbots the new ‘App’ innovation – Many businesses are turning to the interactive world of social media messenger apps to formulate those relationships. Instead of waiting for customers to seek them out, or trying to shout above the crowded market, they are turning to individual conversations to build customer engagement.This primarily offers two major benefits for customers and businesses who adopt Chatbot technology in their communication methods.

    The first is that Chatbots are typically available on every smartphone which uses a messenger service. From Kik to Facebook messenger most customers already use a Chatbot friendly platform, so it does not force them to adopt to new technology or use something they are not familiar with.

    The second major benefit follows on from the first in that it does not require an additional app download. There are over 2000 apps published across the different smartphone systems every day, however recent figures have revealed that the only one in three smartphone users will download an app each month. So while apps were heralded as the next innovative solution for the modern business, with low adoption and download rates, it is no longer the best solution for tech-savvy customers.

  • Small Businesses and Chatbot – Chatbot technology potential is so vast it is transforming Melbourne businesses in more ways than just increasing customer engagement. Small businesses can especially benefit in a range of different areas that many managers or business owners would never have thought about.
  • Let’s take a look at exactly how Chatbots can add value to a small business.
  • They Save Time: – Small businesses owner and managers are more time poor than bigger business who can rely on departmentalised heads to take care of concerns. This is different for small business owners who have to rely on themselves to manage the business, taxes and employee salaries, along with general daily tasks and customer engagement. Chatbots provide an excellent solution to relieve owners of certain menial tasks, such as basic queries, demands and even live support. Simple questions like ‘what are your opening hours’ can easily be answered by an automated Chatbot response. In just a simple example, it is clear to see how a simple Chatbot can transform a business owner’s time, helping them use it more efficiently.
  • It Saves Money: – During the initial setup, Chatbots can require a substantial investment, which typically turns off budget sensitive business owners. However, like many things that require a significant investment, a Chatbot project will deliver significant returns over time. Now a reasonably priced Chatbot can easily do the tasks a human would typically do with more precision at a more affordable rate. Not only can a Chatbot handle tasks faster, when communicating with customers, but it can also be talking with several simultaneously allowing your business to respond on a larger scale.
  • Increase your Reaction Speed: – It can take time for human team members to respond to even the simplest queries, needing to craft the ideal response and even notice the notification of a request for information. Instead, the Chatbot can deliver an immediate answer while meeting them on an engaging platform; customers are already familiar with. Instead of forcing customers onto the phone or wait with unanswered queries, a Chatbot can address most common questions instantly. Not only can a Chatbot reply instantly it will also provide the same consistent brand voice. Unlike human team members who might deviate from the script or fumble with a query, a Chatbot will always deliver the same response in line with your brand’s identity. While a Chatbot does have some limitations, particularly regarding complex questions or unusual topics and requires a human agent to step in, they can still handle most common questions.
  • Build your sales figures: – Chatbots are as varied as a business’ needs. They can provide a range of services, from delivering simple answers to FAQs, to becoming the base for an ordering system or even complicated shopping assistants that advise additional products and styles based on previous purchases. The Chatbot technology not only delivers tailored recommendations for each visitor, but it also keeps final decisions and preferences in mind for future interactions.
  • The bottom line: Chatbots can deliver significant benefits – While a relatively new web technology, particularly to developers in Melbourne, it is quickly becoming apparent how beneficial Chatbots can be to businesses. Not just for large companies or enterprises, the simple idea of Chatbot technology, can be accessed for a range businesses across a range of sizes and industries.
    However, as a new technology, there are not a lot of best practices or research available right now. This can make it challenging to create a functioning Chatbot without a clear guideline. To ensure your business receives the best results, as a full-service digital agency, we recommend approaching an experienced development company to build your Chatbot with a detailed proposal. Not only does this reduce the chance of later problems, but it also increases the efficiency of your entire development project.
  • Ultimately … – Chatbots provide a great opportunity for small business to take advanced of technology that can solve a lot of complex problems. It can also revolutionise a business’ approach to areas like time management, efficiency and even developing more reliable communication with customers. In this fast-paced, technologically-driven world, modern business should be smart and intentional about how they differentiate themselves, create a competitive advantage and utilise their time.

Chatbots technology can be that solution.

If you are looking to invest in the Chatbot technology, come talk to us today. We can help you develop a Chatbot designed for your specific business needs.

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