Chatbots: Employee of the Millennium?

Chat bot

Did you know that within two short years, it’s predicted that chatbots will manage almost 90% of online human interaction? To streamline this trajectory, we’re talking about they ways chatbots are expected to slide right into the roles previously taken on only by humans. Frightening or exciting, whichever way you choose to look at this fascinating uprising, it’s happening right now, so it pays to stay up to date!

When we talk about the buyer’s journey, or the steps taken from searching for to finding your product online, this can include the purchasing of a product, an active subscription, a referral is seen as a completed passage within a sales funnel. The true challenge is in how to make all that- and more- happen.

It’s very fair to say that customers are hard to secure. It’s even truer to say that loyal customers are something of unicorns. It’s truest of all to say that the most effective marketing campaign is one that works hard to secure interest of a healthy demographic and works even harder to retain momentum in how that demographic pursues your product. So how do chatbots streamline the process?

Contrary to popular belief, chatbots CAN do the hard work when it comes to nourishing and preparing your audience for conversions. Did you know that more than half of most leads are never followed up? It has been suggested that up to five follow ups may be necessary to secure a lead.

The problem with this? Let’s be honest. It sounds absolutely exhausting. But, who doesn’t find it exhausting? Chatbots, that’s who.

Chatbots are today’s equivalent of the best salesperson you ever encountered. Since most chatbots are more than well equipped to precisely answer the majority of authentic questions asked by a potential purchaser, even taking follow ups are beginning to look like a completely achievable objective, rather than the testing hoop jumping exercise they’ve been seen as in the past.

There’s still lots of fine tuning to be done. But right now, it’s the right time to start looking at what chatbots are capable of when it comes to driving conversions. Want more information? Talk to the team of experts at One Stop Media today on 1300 309 619.

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