Chatbots and One Stop Media

chatbots and onestopmedia

The modern day version of a personal secretary has arrived! It’s the Chatbot, an artificial intelligent system that can interact with human beings in the form of verbal, non-verbal or text communication. You can even instruct it to perform such complex tasks as troubleshooting an issue with your Internet service or simply ask Chatbot for the latest weather updates.

The beauty of Chatbot lies in its easy accessibility, you don’t need any state of the art devices just computers, smart phones and tablets. All it requires is the Internet to function optimally. Basically, it is an information delivery system that humans can have a conversation with.


Chatbot can be woven into almost anything, from old fashioned HTML pages to slick social media networking platforms. Most importantly, you don’t have to download a separate app. You can incorporate a Chatbot service into an already existing app! Facebook has installed Chatbot features into multiple apps, triggering world-wide interest in Chatbot.

Chatbots are being given global attention now. The world’s first Bot-a-thon, covering bot development and artificial intelligence, took place in key cities around the world such as San Francisco, New York, Austin, and Toronto. Melbourne hosted its first Bot-a-thon in July of 2016 co-sponsored by One Stop Media, a leading local digital development & online marketing company.

Bot-a-thon 2016 was hugely successful in Melbourne with a host of Chatbot solutions on view. The results were wafer-thin and the judges were hard pressed to pick a winner.

One Stop Media plans to continue its close involvement in future events promoting technological advancements within the field. After all, Chatbot is not only a step forward for coders and developers, but it represents a monumental step forward in mankind’s quest to create relatable A.I. that can assist people on a daily basis.

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