A Comprehensive Guide on Facebook Advertising


The growth of Facebook is quite staggering with 1.23B+ active users reported at the end of 2013. It has gradually turned into a phenomenon since 2004. Naturally, most businesses except those dealing with niche products will find their customers on this platform. Facebook too understands this and offers customised advertising solutions for successful audience engagement.

Do you know the best thing about Facebook advertising? It allows you to choose your target audience by interests, demographics, and locations. Zero in to specify the customers you target.

How to Start Facebook Advertising?

The social media site offers you 3 main tools namely,

  • Pages
  • Ads
  • Groups

These are so easy to use that anyone can do a without any prior experience. Combine them together to expand your reach infinitely.

Creating your Business Page

Advertising on Facebook signifies that you’ll need to create a compelling page first. For this first, you will need to choose your category. Are you a local business, a company, institute, or an organisation? Do you belong to the entertainment industry, a specific community, or a brand? Are you an artist or a public figure? Choose your category and then proceed. Upload the profile photo of your company to begin advertising. If you want, you may ‘Like’ existing pages on Facebook and receive automatic updates from them. While it is quite easy to set up your pages and is completely free of cost, establishing a fan base may prove to be difficult.

Facebook Advertising

When it comes to targeted advertising, Facebook is fantastic! You can customise the page; reach out directly to the customers that you want to target. You can use criterion, such as, age of individuals, their geographical location, education level, or the type of devices these people use to browse online. Similarly, users have the independence to close any advertisement on their page, or ‘Like’ those, they love. Facebook ads offer powerful parameters for targeting customers, but based on your goals these ads may also get expensive.

What are Facebook Groups?

Facebook groups resembled discussion forum additions being the presence of profile and pages. Businesses can always create groups related to their specific product or industry. The main aim is to reach your target customers. You can join groups freely and these offer great engagements, however working with groups is quite time-consuming too.

Start advertising NOW!
To create Facebook advertisement, you have two options before you,

  • Ad Creator
  • Power Editor

For beginners Ad Creator is recommended. Simple to use, it helps the campaigns get off the ground fast. Once you’ve become comfortable with AD Creator you may want to embrace the Power Editor. The features of Power Editor include advertisement and development of unpublished posts, filter by creating tags, ad set, or campaign. Also, you can create bulk advertisements if you want, which is not possible with Ad Creator.

  • Choose your campaign objective: Numerous ad options with different campaign targets are available on Facebook. Begin by choosing your campaign objective. Do you want to promote page posts or the number of ‘Likes’ to increase on your page? Various options are available so choose accordingly.
  • Choose campaign budget: Ad Set below campaign allows you to choose a definite budget. How much do you want to spend for a campaign? Decide this to select. Nowadays you can allocate fixed amounts to definite objectivists or specific markets.
  • Choose your audience: Create custom audiences based on the different parameters of Facebook or upload business information to create Custom Audiences. Target users through e-mail address, user ID, phone number, advertiser mobile ID, or based on people visit your website. Through Custom Audiences find, ‘Lookalike Audiences’ based upon shared demographics.
  • Choose ad placement: You can place your ad at one of three available choices-Newsfeed, Mobile Newsfeed, and Right-Hand Column Ad.
  • Choose your ad type: Different ad types are available namely,

Post Engagement: Increase engagement and boost status with website links, photo, video, and status.

Website Clicks: These help to drive site traffic and come with ‘call to action’ optional button.

Page Likes: Establish strong credibility and ensure happy customers.

Website Conversions: Create Conversion Pixel in Power Editor and add to your website. Use it to tell Facebook about your need for ad optimisation.

Event Response: Promote events by creating enticing invitations for the audience segment of your choosing.

App Engagement/Install: Attach the mobile or desktop app related to your product to the company page. It should be inspiring enough for your customers to download them.

Offer Claims: Promote your Facebook offers to other users, as this is a great way to attract new customers.

Go on & Engage
Facebook is powerful and flexible, but you should know how to use it to its full potential. Simply creating a killer ad will not do, you will need to ensure that they continue to find engagement!

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