Custom Vs Template Websites


What is the different between customer or template websites and does it matter which I choose?

At One Stop Media, as a company specialising in design and web development for Melbourne businesses, we frequently hear this question from clients. It is also an issue we consider when creating the pitch and project scope. The answer, like many issues, is ‘it depends’!

Both have their own advantages and disadvantage, but ultimately it is up to the business to determine which fits better into their digital plan and goals.

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Custom Web Design

One of the most common restrictions for business purchasing custom websites is budget limitations. However, if budget is not a factor, there are times when a custom site is the best decision for a company.

  • Brand presentation – If you require significant customisation or have strict branding requirements, a custom design allows greater freedom in that area.
  • Unique designs – With a custom design, you know that your website is completely unique to your business and different from anything else in the industry.
  • Tailored coding – By starting from scratch not only is your website completely optimised for search engines, but they also are tailor-made to the needs of both the business and your customers.
  • Unique user requirements – if you require specific backend integration or advanced functionality (customer portals or databases), then a custom project is your only option.
  • You are willing to pay for the specific attention and extra time to get it right without all the restrictions a template would impose.

Template Designs

For many businesses that only wish to develop and maintain an online presence a templated design might be the better alternative. In these situations, a template might be a better fit.

  • There is a limited budget – While the budget is frequently the main restriction and reason businesses go with a template. It is a sensible option, if your entire year’s online budget is spent on a website, there may not be anything left over for marketing to gain viewers on that website.
  • The needs are simple – If your business is only looking for a blog or informational site, your do not need all the additional features that come with a custom site.
  • Speed – If your business simply wishes to get something up fast, a template is the best option as custom projects can take months to complete.
  • IT Support is not an issue – If you do not need ongoing support from an agency or you have your own staff to do the simple management then, your site does not require complicated features.
  • Customisation – if you are happy to brand within the limitations of the template, or do not require significant branding or growth changes, then again a template if the best option.

Ultimately the choice between a custom and a templated website depends solely on the goals and requirements of business. While as experienced professionals, we can recommend a choice based on what we think would fit your requirements and future goals best, the decision rests on our clients.

However, if you are not certain about what would best fit your business goals, come talk to us today. Our experienced team can help you break down what would best fit your needs.

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