Digital Natives – The Millennial Disruptors.

Digital Natives – The Millennial Disruptors

A recent report has proven what industry experts have long suspected. True disruption in the digital market is based on generation demographics. Making up the next generation of consumers and with a population larger than the baby boomers and Gen X, Millennials are much more likely to use and trust the internet for all things business.

So, what does this mean for your online marketing strategy?

Years ago,there were initially only negative reports coming out about millennials. Now, those traits they were once ridiculed for, are defining the digital landscape.

The Millennial Disruptors

One most common criticism was how much time they spent on social media and the internet through smartphones. Today more than half of all online sales are conducted through a mobile phone. In addition, 80% of all customer integration with a business is through a digital device. Millennials might have led the trend, but it is clear from the previous figures that other consumers were happy to follow their footsteps.

Businesses cannot hide from how important an online presence is. Even if you believe that your physical store is completely removed from the digital landscape, think again. Over 80% of customers conduct online research before even entering your store. They have compared store reviews online and seen your product competitors, long before they contact your sales staff. So, if your digital presence is lacking how does this reflect on your future consumers?

For any business, SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – needs to be the new normal for business marketing. Millennials perceive a strong reputation one of the key requirements for any company before they conduct any business. Not only have they grown up with the internet, they treat a quick online search as the primary source of information when they want to find out more about a business or product.When a customer discovers a business or product, over 90% of these online experiences have started with a Google search. So, it is important that the first impression is positive.

SEO is a dynamic and fast moving industry, which allows businesses to control how their company appears in search results. Using hard data driven results, a local SEO company in Melbourne can specifically target and execute tailored campaigns for a business which are measurable and result driven. At One Stop Media, we are dedicated to conversions, not clicks, so we create campaigns that return value to your business. Through us, companies control how browsers see their business and can monitor those strategies to ensure a high ROI. Not only is SEO the way to turn browsers into buyers, but it can also set the tone of your entire industry digital landscape.

Regardless of your target consumer, SEO is a cornerstone of digital marketing and shows no sign of changing. Have you searched yourself recently? If you are unhappy with your ranking, it might be time to invest in a new or different SEO Strategy. If you have any queries, contact us today to speak with one of our experienced SEO team.

However, one of the easiest ways to develop and maintain an online industry reputation is through content optimisation. As a leading SEO company in Melbourne, we can tailor website content for SEO rankings, however, to maintain a competitive advantage we recommend developing a regular blog or content schedule. Not only is blogging an easy platform to get started on, but it also defines your brand’s voice and builds trust with your online customers. Consider creating a variety of unique and quality content that customers will find entertaining or informative, with examples like:

  • Videos or Podcasts
  • Creating Infographics
  • Releasing Cast Studies
  • Publishing informational material, and
  • Developing an online course, webinar or recorded info session.

It Doesn’t End Here

We understand that developing an online presence is not an easy process, so it makes sense to hire the experts. If you don’t know where to start with developing and improving your online presence, come talk to our experts today. Stay tuned for the last two areas to focus on when building an online reputation. For a different approach, we discuss paid online strategies in Part 2.

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