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Magento is an open source CMS system which is often used  to build online shopping websites and is considered most reliable and easy platform to manage inventory in an eCommerce magento website. eCommerce websites in magento, performs better than on any other platform because of the specialty of Magento to work as an online trading platform which can calculate tax, shipping expenses and easy payment gateway integration allowance. There are four different Magento certifications. Three of them aim to prove developers’ competency in implementing modules; one (Certified Solution Specialist) targets business users (consultants, analysts, project managers). Magento Front End Developer Certification is mainly focused on improving the user interface (UI) of built-in applications. This certification is related with templates, layouts, JavaScript, and CSS. Magento Developer certification is geared toward back end developers who implement the core modules. The Plus certification tests deep understanding of Magento Enterprise modules and the entire architecture.

Ecommerce Magento Website`

What we offer in eCommerce Magento Website Designs…

One Stop Media‘s certified developers had just lived a brand new online store for a business in Melbourne (Mitcham)- Advertising Industries. Designing and implementing an eCommerce Magento Website is often considered as a hard nut. But Online Shopping is a remarkable boon for busy corporate people which can’t invest their time in stores physically. Most of the bigger organisations and businesses have started selling their services and products online firstly through ebay store and now with eCommerce Magento Website. Organisations can make huge profits with online selling of their associated brands and services. Web Design and development companies should prepare themselves for this upcoming trends of Online Shopping and eCommerce Magento website, which can flourish the industry standards. Creating informational websites will not help a business to grow much as Google can provide basic information about ones business so what is the idea of having a information website until you run an institution.

eCommerce Magento Website will help in growing your business if marketed in a proper form and creative SEO friends design. By 2015 these trends will make a drastic change in the world of online shopping by creating a space for Magento Platform over other frameworks used for the eCommerce purposes.

Cheers to eCommerce Magento Website designs…

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