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User-friendly e-commerce solutions will get your business recognised on the best web platforms. We make searching for your products and services easy by presenting them in an organised manner with superior payment gateways, simple checkouts, and high security.


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Online stores are fast replacing traditional shops in popularity spawning the need for attractive and effective e-commerce website designs. One Stop Media takes the requirements of the buyers seriously and creates spectacular virtual portals that CONVERT! Attract attention, ensure brand awareness, and make your products sell like hot cakes! Isn’t this your wildest business dream come true? Great functionality with stellar appearance ensures visibility and boost sales!

Features of e-commerce website that converts visitors into buyers

Why would visitors convert into buyers at your e-commerce store? They will only when they feel at ease while shopping! With competitions, increasing there is no scope for complacency. Some desirable features are- Security, Simplicity of Design, User-Friendly, Quick Loading, Organised Product Categories, Easy Checkout, Social Sharing Links, and more. Multi-payment options and multi-language support for global presence will also increase the rate of visitor conversion to buyers!

What facilities should a well performing website have? 

A well performing e-commerce website should have latest facilities with new features and updates in real-time. Also, we try to give buyers some incentive for shopping on your site such as Free Shipping, Freebies, or interesting Deals and Offers. Present product related news and product categories based on most popular. Search Boxes, Shopping Cart, Login Space, Icons for Payment System, Online Chat are some popular facilities to provide.

Some facts and figures on e-Commerce website

A Cross-Border E-Commerce Community (CBEC) report regarding online shopping trends in Australia has revealed some interesting statistics.

  • Australia presently has the highest e-commerce uptake the world over at 89%
  • Growth in online stores is 200% in 2010 – 2012
  • Average price per purchase online is highest at AU$ 142 in 2013 to 20% up from 2011
  • 33% of retailers do not have an online site
  • Mobile penetration is 130%, tablet 22% set to grow to 77 % by 2017
  • 23% of people shop online may not return to traditional shopping EVER
  • More than 50% people shop at online stores
  • Projected annual retail sales growth is 10% approximately AU$41.7 billion by 2018

Ecommerce Web Design and Development at One Stop Media

When you hire us for e-commerce website design you receive a complete package from initial consultation to check out. We also offer ongoing maintenance and updates to keep your site relevant and help you churn out a constant revenue. With us, you’ll receive effective mobile interface, better user interaction than ever before, and more repeat sales. So how’s your e-commerce site doing? We’ll track it for you with analytics tools and timely reporting to keep you in touch. As you can see, One Stop Media is not your average e-commerce site builder because we strive to be better than the best in our field! “More Australians are transacting online with 12.86 million people using the internet for banking or paying bills and 10.44 million buying or selling goods or services online in the six months to May 2013, a 10 per cent and 9 per cent increase respectively over the six months to May 2012”. www.acma.gov.au

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