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Email Analytics a major marketing tool today sends bulk emails and newsletters to advertise a business.


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Email marketing is a tool used by many organisations to help create awareness of products and services offered by businesses. Email Analytics can be a powerful marketing tool to help track and monitor the performance of bulk emails and newsletters. Businesses can monitor and analyse email behaviour, providing greater insight as to how an email marketing campaign is performing, from how the recipients are interacting with each email, how many readers viewed the email, which pages or links were viewed. It is one of the best methodologies to help fine tune your email marketing tools and performance, and subsequently increase Return on Investment (ROI).

How Email Analytics Help Marketers in Detailed Analysis

With Email Analytics, marketers gain a more thorough analysis of their campaign with respect to target and domain segments.

  • Email Analytics identify information on different parameters such as open rates, delivery, conversion rates, click through rates, bouncing mails, email forwards, and others. This type of data can assist marketers to determine and target specific demographics and monitor subscriber’s activities through conversions
  • Email Analytics also identify where potential customers “drop off” and what actions can be improved to improve overall effectiveness of the campaign
  • It also allows marketers to analyse individual behaviours of the target market who have received the email campaign. Graphical representation of all mail communications received and sent by the individual is also available
  • Email Analytics software provides multiple views of a campaign providing greater flexibility to scrutinise the details and improve overall performance

Features of Email Analytics

Tracking your email marketing tools is now easy! One Stop Media offers Email Analytics services to help track and improve effectiveness of your marketing campaign, generating better conversions and increasing ROI. Key features of Email Analytics include:

Receive data on different parameters such as open rates, delivery, conversion rates, click thru rates, bouncing mails and email forwards

Tracking campaign performance with useful graphs offering detailed insight into:

  • Who opened your email and who didn’t
  • Which links in the emails have been clicked and by whom
  • How many people subscribed or unsubscribed
  • How much revenue your email generated

Segment your target audience and easily send emails to groups of people who –

  • Opened or didn’t open your email
  • Clicked a certain link in the email
  • Purchased a certain product or subscribed
  • Visited your website
  • Viewed your emails across different platforms such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.

Track downloads with Email Analytics and send email newsletters to subscribers who visited your order page or who have viewed and downloaded a specific webpage or product on your website

  • Track click thru rate using your own domain with Email Analytics
  • Monitor how well or poor each email performs

To learn more about Email Analytics and how it can improve effectiveness of your email marketing campaign, call One Stop Media at 1300 305 619 today.

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