Email Marketing for Better Connections

Email marketing is the tool that allows you to reach out directly to customers. You can be confident that you’re targeting the right audience, as your promotional content and information only goes out to those that have chosen to subscribe to your newsletters.
Incorporate email marketing into your strategy to reinforce your brand, maintain connections with customers and keep them engaged in your business.
One Stop Media can show you how.

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Why Should Businesses in Australia use Email Marketing?

The team at One Stop Media can coordinate the whole process for you, from start to finish. From designing the layout, to the addition of links and content, we know the ways to get the most out of your emails. Once the campaign is underway, we will provide customised reports to measure success. The reports will reflect which marketing strategies are most effective, and which need some improvement, so you can easily test customer retention levels and conversions.

  • Keep customers in-the-know about special offers and deals
  • Communicate with multiple customers at once by sending bulk emails
  • Enhance conversions by providing website links and contact information in the content
  • Award your content and product information a wider reach by allowing recipients to share the information on social media platforms
  • Receive feedback and quantitative data to measure the success of your campaigns so you know which efforts are yielding the best results
  • Build relationships with customers and keep them reminded about your business

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Reach Out
to Old and New Customers via Email Marketing

Don’t neglect the basics. One Stop Media can help you develop an email marketing campaign that will help you directly connect with customers.

  • Send informative newsletters and promotions
  • Know that people are receiving the message
  • Build personal relationships with consumers


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