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Google Analytics is software that can be used to evaluate a website in terms of the kind of traffic and the number of hits it gets. Based on this, SEO experts can make changes to the website to increase its search engine visibility and rankings.


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Google Analytics provides comprehensive insight into a website’s traffic, and measures the rate of conversion and sales. Today, it’s the most widely used web analytic software providing key insights that help drive the evolution of products and services on mobile apps and desktop.

It shows how people are using your products and services on different platforms, thus providing valuable data regarding website traffic from multiple sources, conversion rates, and sales. By setting up Google Analytics, marketers can track visitors from social networks and search engines, direct visits, as well as referring sites. It also helps track the effectiveness of display advertising, email marketing, pay-per-click networks, and digital collateral such as links within Word or PDF documents.

How to Set up Google Analytics and Monitor Performance

Unless you can track how your website is performing, it is a wasteful investment. Google Analytics lets you track your website traffic, the traffic sources, how long someone stays on your site, what they are doing and also measures conversation rates and sales. Likewise, you can target specific audience and improve effectiveness and relevance of your website.

The key steps for setting up Google Analytics:

  • Visit the Google Analytics website and Sign In with your existing Google account or Sign Up and create a new account. Once signed in, provide the necessary information on the Setup Page >> What would you like to track?
  • Install tracking codes by installing Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin >> Under Settings, manually enter the UA code by copying and pasting everything after “Tracking ID.” If you’renot using WordPress to manage your website, go to “What are you tracking,” scroll down, and copy the unique UA code that Google displays. Paste it before ending tag in HTML code and save
  • Set up Goals – Identify what you want to track, marketing initiatives, conversion rates for ads, ecommerce, and more. Now, set up goals for measuring effectiveness
  • Explore your report data and learn how to analyse them.
  • Improve performance of your Google Analytics and maximise online advertising and ecommerce by linking your website with Google AdWords and AdSense, tagging campaigns, optimising keywords, and tracking ecommerce. Advanced features such as Custom Reporting, Advanced Segmentation, Flash Tracking, and more help improve performance of your website and create customised email reports

Key features of Google Analytics include:

  • Know Your Target Audience – Google Analytics helps analyse your website traffic and draw a comprehensive picture of your audience and their unique needs.
  • See What Your Website Visitors Are Up To – It helps to visually assess how your website visitors interact with your web pages. Know what they’re looking for and what they prefer, and likewise, tailor your marketing campaigns for maximum impact
  • Trace the Source of Web Traffic – Powerful Google Analytics tools such as Visitor Flow and Traffic Sources help track different sources from where people visit your website and the devices they use to reach you. This helps you in improve your customer experience by reaching them where they are.
  • Advertising and Campaign Performance – Monitor and improve performance of your advertising and marketing campaigns with the aid of Search Engine Optimisation, Remarketing, Advertising Reports, Campaign Measurement, Cost Data Import, and Mobile Ads Measurement.
  • Analysis and Testing – Google Analytics can also help with the analysis and testing of campaign performance so you can tailor it to the unique needs of website traffic.
  • Cross Device and Cross-Platform Measurement – Measuring performance of your website across multiple devices and different platforms.

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