Google Glasses for Crime Recognition

The wearable gadget comprises of a little machine screen mounted in the corner of an eyeglass outline and is equipped for taking photographs, recording feature and playing sound- Google Glasses


The representative affirmed a report in Dubai’s 7 Days daily paper that product created by Dubai police would empower an association between the wearer and a database of needed individuals, just one of the feature of Google Glasses.

Once the gadget “perceived” a suspect focused around a face print, it would alarm the officer wearing the contraption.The contraption would be utilized within a first stage to battle petty criminal offenses and track vehicles associated with contribution in motoring offenses. A second stage would see the development took off to examiners, the delegate said.

The U.S. Web organization said in a blogpost in May that anybody in the United States could purchase the contraption for $1,500.

Dubai’s choice shows up in accordance with the powers’ determination to extra no cost in preparing the police.

A year ago Dubai reported it would supply its police with $400,000 Lamborghini sports autos for utilization at significant traveler destinations. Dubai’s appointee police boss said the vehicles were in keeping with the Gulf capital’s picture.

Dubai, one of seven emirates in the UAE alliance, is organizing a recuperation from the monetary emergency it endured amid the worldwide money related emergency in 2009. The emirate as of late advertised a few enormous undertakings, including a colossal tourism and retail advancement with the biggest shopping center on the planet.

We are not yet finished. Check out the Google Glasses promo video to know all the features associated with this technology.

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