How Hashtag History Made An Impact On Social Media Marketing

Hashtag History

How did Hashtags ever become so popular? The use of this symbol has become associated with trends and discussions in social media, and it is now used to tag keywords, phrases and other texts to track topics and conversations. This offers a wonderful tool and opportunity to business owners and digital marketers to boost the strength and effectiveness of their social media marketing campaigns- but the humble beginnings of the hashtag as we know it make it barely recognisable from it’s primary origin.

History of Hashtags

The birth of our Hashtag

It looks like #hashtag came into existence sometime around the 14th century, but it was labelled as a pound sign or a number sign. In 1960s the # symbol entered the tech world and was used to denote telephone numbers. It received the name octothorpe from Bell laboratories which was derived from its 8 ends.

Later in 1978, # was first used in C programming language and was later adopted by other programming languages. In 1988, the Internet Relay Chat (IRC), an online communication system used # to categorise items like images, messages, video and other content into groups. Hashtag made it possible for IRC users to easily search for relevant and associated content.

The use of hashtags in social media works on the principle of IRC and their usage grew in popularity when it was first introduced on Twitter on August 23, 2007 by Chris Messina for tagging and tracking topics. 3 days later on August 26, 2007, Stowe Boyd calls the # symbol a hashtag in a blog post and the name sticks. While the Twitter did not support the hashtag then but people worldwide got updated with San Diego Fire news through Nate Ritter tweets when he used #SanDiegoFire on all relevant tweets. These tweets became so well known that Twitter users started using hashtags. In 2009, Twitter finally embraced them and introduced a search tool known as trending topics in 2010 on their homepage to display popular hashtags.

Hashtags are now a vital part of the Twitter world and are used in everyday conversation, eventually, other platforms began to pick it up and now we can see hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and all other social platforms.

Hashtags and Advertising

Hashtags are excellent tools for spreading brand awareness, extending reach, reinforcing campaigns, building and managing a brand and promoting content.

Jumping directly into trending topics as they emerge and evolve allows organisations to be a part of a broader conversation -using basic hashtags on a regular basis allows for more visibility. Hashtags prove to be an exciting way to boost your social media marketing campaign and reach millions of audience worldwide when used properly.

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