How to connect your Google Maps listing to your Google + Page

Google has allowed those who are having Google+ company pages to connect to their local business listing using Google Maps.

This can be done using the ‘help page’ of Google in which you will get the stepwise detailed instructions on how to enable this connectivity – Google Map verified listing with Google+ business page. Following this process will integrate your latest pages to Google Maps and will display the business information that will include the business contact details, complete address, the number of Google Maps reviews, working hours of your business and many other details from Google Maps, which you might have supplied while creating your business listing.

Please be sure that connecting these two will be fruitful for your business as these changes are for good, so please make sure it will work for your business.

Let’s have a stepwise guide of the steps to be followed to make this merger happen!

Steps to Follow

Under mentioned are the step-wise details of connecting Google+ to Google Map:

  1. Log in to your Google+ account and select ‘Pages’ which is available in the left-hand navigation menu, and hit ‘Manage this page’ on the local page.
  2. You will find that the local page appears to be similar as that of your current page. It will also have a verification security next to the name of a page. You can see the “Verified local business” when you will hover your mouse on the badge.
  3. Now, go to top left corner and choose Dashboard > Settings
  4. Now scroll and go to the “Profile” option. Next to this is “This page is connected to Google Maps”, and click this option, you will be connected to a different page.
  5. Go to “Link a different page to this location” button, select the page you wish to connect to Maps and hit ‘Next.’
  6. You’ll view a list explaining the changes that will appear in the newly-created page you’re connect to Maps, along with the local Google+ page that you’re going to disconnect from Maps. You need to hit ‘Confirm’ to make it enable.

That is all that is required to connect your business listing details to your Google+ pages.

How newly connected Page to Maps will Look Like

  1. It will now have the name and verification badge that has been taken from the former local page.
  2. It will display the business data, which will have contact details, hours of working, phone numbers, emails etc. and also the reviews imported from the former local page.
  3. The responses of prior owner responses to local reviews will not be displayed now. It may take some time, may be a few hours, to display your current reviews
  4. It will carry over your followers, various posts (if any), and managers.
  5. It will carry over the custom URL (if case you have created one).
  6. It may not display the ad campaigns, if you have started earlier with the page.
  7. If you want to start a new ad campaign, visit and follow the step-by-step instructions.

The Earlier Local Page will have Following Details:

  1. This page will now be visible on your  Google Maps account
  2. It will also not show any local business information or reviews
  3. It will have a new name – “Backup of page name”
  4. But this page will still be visible on Google+
  5. It will have followers, posts, and managers which was there earlier in the local page
  6. This page will also have the custom URL from the earlier local page
  7. It will also not display AdWords Express campaigns which you might have started with this page.

It is as simple and easy to integrate your business listing of Google Map to your Google+ page! It is quite fruitful also if you want a wider spectrum of branding of your business.

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