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Hybris – The E-commerce solution

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In the present Internet fuelled business scenario, there is an exponential growth in traffic to online shopping platforms. Making purchases on the go without walking to the nearest brick and mortar store is the much preferred option today and those who do not offer this to their customers are missing out on business opportunities.

Onestopmedia offers e-commerce solutions by Hybris. It is multi-channel e-commerce software that offers a rewarding and heightened buying experience for customers. It blends in seamlessly with the requirements of both consumers and businesses and is very amenable to dealing with complex business requirements both in B2B and B2C areas. Our team of highly knowledgeable developers will strategise Hybris based solutions that will give you a host of benefits. These include -

  • Incorporating an effortless ordering and cross-selling process that will see a rise in the usual average value of orders
  • Ensuring a buying experience spread out over multiple channels such as mobile devices, in-store, over social media and online.
  • Migrating quickly to new versions to maximise web content management (CMS), product content management and order management over different domains.
  • Reducing selling costs by moving smoothly to channels that offer higher affordable options.
  • Maintaining total and comprehensive end-to-end ecommerce processes by combining with SAP, CRM and SAP ERM.
  • Minimising Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with relevant and customised Web hop template.
  • Customising store design and development that brings out the core requirements of your specific business.

With these features in place and Hybris based e-commerce solutions devised by us there can only be one way forward for your business – giving customers an easy and user-friendly shopping familiarity and optimising conversions and sales for quick and effective growth and profitability.

When we at Onestopmedia plan out e-commerce solutions for you based on the Hybris platform, we bring you the latest in the field of technological innovations and advancement. The primary ones are the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite and the SAP Cloud for Customer offerings that provides seamless benefits to our customers. All the factors of an optimised ecommerce platform such as online transactions from any device, point of sales, social media and print and call centre functions are consolidated here to enhance overall customer experience.

SAP Hybris is a great tool for continuously updating the profiles of present and prospective customers and is one reason why we structure our ecommerce plans based on this system. It helps our clients know the activities of each of their customers – what they have done in the past, what they are likely to do in future and what they most desire at any point of time. This data helps to plan out business approaches on a real time basis.

Get guaranteed and consistent ecommerce results from us that will surely take your business to the next level. We have delivered positive outcomes to a large number of clients who have seen their growth curve climb north in a very short span of time. All e-commerce projects undertaken by us with Hybris have in-built features of flexibility and scalability that is adaptable to any business need.

Get in touch with Onestopmedia now. Our group of Hybris experts will evaluate your need and offer the best solutions possible. It is what has made us one of the leaders in this field.

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