Identify and measure calls from your website


All over the world, Advertising is recognised among the top ten industries of the world. Advertising through newspaper, magazine, displaying through outdoor attractive banners / hoardings, Audio advertising with catchy dialogues and popular songs were in vogue earlier. In recent times, most of the business houses are growing by advertising their stuff on internet. People are running online stores which are making them good money.

To catch the fancy of social media crazy people, Google commissioned Ipsos, an independent market research agency, to understand consumer attitude and interest about click to call. The study explored behaviours across seven different categories: Travel, Restaurant, Finance, Retail, Technology, Local Services and Auto. The results showed that 70% of consumers use click to call a business directly from search ads. AdWords, Click-to-call ads, Call Metrics and call as conversions help one to connect with the customers and gain insight about those calls.

Google is providing fair deals to customers with a platform called Google AdWords. In this platform agencies are promoting specific keywords of their clients to targeted areas which help in generating leads to business. With website call conversions, one can understand which keyboard and ads are driving the most phone calls from your website and which are more valuable calls. One can also assign different values to calls originating from different pages of one’s website. e.g. a local car dealer might assign more value to calls from their test drive page as compared to calls from their homepage.

Hence Google comes up with a very interesting idea of converting your leads into calls. Customers can call you directly for queries. That’s why Website call conversions are a powerful way to highlight and market a product. Website call conversions are available in countries where Google forwarding numbers are available. One can also measure call from one’s Website that occur after an ad click. Undoubtedly, in this age of social media penetration, Website has become a powerful advertising site and, indeed, is a true reflector of one’s growing business. To attract more and more customers, one can customize the look and feel of the website by attractive colours, fonts and size.

As internet is growing, online advertising platforms give opportunities to businesses to grow as well. Customers are getting busy, their schedules are hectic, so they don’t want to waste their time. They frequently visit various websites for queries and buys. Most of their purchases are matured because they have faith in the product as well as they trust the website offering the product. Follow the old saying, Make the hay while the sun shines. In this era of seamless, unparalleled growth in the social media, advertising on websites has become a fashion.

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