Know Your Best Side! Choosing Great Website Visuals

You’re almost there. Your website is coming together, you’ve got great unique written content, you’re on track to stand out…and then, your account manager emails you about the images you’ll be using. You’re caught out, because you actually don’t. And even if you did, they wouldn’t be the best representation of what you do, because the appreciation of good imagery isn’t and never has been your strongest point. So how do you know what a great choice is in an image and which is…less than good? This week, we talk about  the three biggest choice points you should consider when it comes to great visuals.

Quality Stocks Are Your Friend

You can have a great laugh trying to choose the perfect stock image to represent their brand. But it’s safe to say there are a lot of images that are well below the standards you would expect to see on any website. If you’re not sure whether an image is right for what you do, what’s important here is to seek the opinion of someone with a solid understanding of good visuals first if you aren’t sure – that friend with an arts degree who dabbles in part time photography? Ask if you can pick their brain!

Stick To The Point.

Images you select should firmly and clearly be able to demonstrate your brand. Did you know that the brain decodes an image 600,000 times faster than it can decode text? There is no room for confusion here: be certain that your images provide a direct link to what you do. Small businesses are at risk here, and what looks great and amazing to you (pictures of your kids outside your shop front) don’t scream professional. Sorry, not sorry. Keep it lined up!

Quality Over Quantity

There is definitely such a thing as too much imagery, though many sites cope better than others with an expansive gallery. This is where your digital marketing agency can really help. Make the most of your team and always ask if you’re unsure as to which images will do better in a gallery and which are best suited to make an impact on your home page.

If you’re really out of your depths with choosing great images to represent what you do, the best thing out there is to engage the services of a professional photographer local to you. It’s always better to have a few great impactful images than multiple images that don’t cut the mustard.

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