Link Building – Effective SEO Strategy

The whole process of link building boils down to one basic premise and that is increase in popularity rankings. The visibility of the website on the Internet can be boosted by a judicious mix of methods, one of them being effective link building. When search engines find that authoritative, dependable and reliable sites are linking to you and consider your site valuable, there will naturally be an increase in ranking for your site. In the long run, this is what matters. However, it should be kept in mind that even though there is a positive aspect to it, not doing it right can have a disastrous impact on your website. Link building consists of incoming and outbound links and we well take up each in a nutshell.

Building incoming links


  • Gradually building links – Building thousands of links in a very short period in an attempt to fool the search engines into believing that your site is very popular will not help. Fifteen to twenty a day is fine.
  • Different anchor texts – These are words that a visitor clicks on some other site to arrive at yours. Put in links with words that are relevant to your website only.
  • Appropriate links – Link building must be done from sites that are in sync with yours if you are to get dedicated traffic. Making up numbers by linking from irrelevant sites will result in search engines penalizing your site.
  • Building links to more than one page – Do not concentrate on the Home Page only. In-coming link building to more than one page will give visibility to the whole site.
  • Quality linking – Have a few links only but they should be from quality, dependable and authoritative sites. It carries more weight than a hundred from poor quality sites. Links from sites that are trusted by search engines will boost reputation and rankings of your website.

Building outbound links

building-outbound links

  • Providing additional information – It is giving visitors to your site with additional information from other sites by linking to it. If search engines find that users are getting value and there is a lot of activity, there will be an increase in rankings.
  • Restrained use of outbound link building – The same reasons of avoiding unlimited inward link building applies here too.


Optimizing link building is a sure shot SEO strategy for boosting search engine rankings. Apply it with care and get the best results.

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