Weave Your Marketing Strategy Around A Unique Selling Proposition

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Have you ever wondered why your business is not taking off in spite of having a rock solid marketing strategy in place? And why is it that your competitors seem to be racing ahead and the gap with you is widening? It is because they have a unique selling proposition (USP) that you don’t have.

Marketing Strategy Unique Selling Proposition

What is a Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Point (USP)?

In simple terms, it is that little extra that separates you from the rest of the pack. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses in the same industry that you are in. How do you expect a potential client to de-clutter the whole system and find you? It is surprising how many businesses just blunder along and put in place marketing plans without incorporating anything into them that will make them stand out. It’s simply amazing!

But put in something extra, anything that will ring a bell when potential clients look for your products and services and you’ve got a customer for life. Levitt (professor and author at Harvard Business School) puts it aptly saying that it need not be anything more than a small trait of your business that’s worth remembering.

The Importance of USP in the Modern Business Environment

The prevailing digital environment has cut down distances and boundaries and the world today is a global village without any clear divide. This has broadened the horizons of customers who have more choices now. A simple click of the mouse is all it takes to scroll through all options. This has made the task of zeroing in on a specific item all the more difficult as it means comparing thousands of similar ones.

Here, it is your responsibility to add something extra to your business that will make customers stop at what you have to offer. This is done by integrating a strong USP in your marketing strategy and enabling your clients to identify a clear point of difference with your competitors. On a long term basis, your USP will help increase your brand awareness too as customers can quickly put their fingers ion your product from the thousands available in the market.

Put Your USP to Good Use

As soon you have established your USP, this should be the fulcrum on which your whole business will revolve. Everything starting from marketing strategies to business slogans, company logo, newsletters and brochures should be based on this USP. Customers will develop a brand loyalty and you will see a boost in business growth. Therefore, invest time and energy in thinking of and creating a unique USP. You’ll surely be reaping the dividends soon after.

Now that you have decided on having a USP for your business, give us a call. One Stop Media will redesign your website based on the USP and structure digital online marketing strategies that will bring your business to the first page of Google search results. This will result in an increase in your sales and revenue as more traffic will be diverted to your site due to higher online presence.

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