Why Digital Marketing is Important for your Business

One Stop Media is a digital marketing agency in Melbourne that can develop and execute a functional marketing strategy for your business. You’ve done the hard work of building your small-medium Melbourne business, so let us take the next step and show consumers why they need you.

The key to a successful marketing strategy is to identify your individual business’s purpose and tailor the right plan for you. Our experts here in Melbourne have the skills and experience to use the most up-to-date marketing strategies, tools and techniques to get you the best return on your investment.

We get creative with our marketing strategies. It’s all about striking the balance between making your online presence appealing to your customers, as well as to search engines. In an increasingly competitive environment, we strive to push your business to the top.

One Stop Media will always approach your marketing strategy with precise focus. We’ll work with you to identify the best plan of attack. This could involve email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, reputation management, paid advertising, or a combination of these.

How Marketing Evolved

Ever since people began trading, the evolution of marketing, sales and branding began. Before the days of the internet, companies competed for customers by building face-to-face relationships in a bid to encourage repeat customers. This was all about engagement and real-time connections.

From as early as the 1700’s, printed advertising, billboards, radio and television ads emerged and the outbound marketing industry grew. During this era, marketers talked “at” the consumer, instead of “with” them.

With the introduction of the digital age, new marketing strategies changed the game. TV ads were expensive, costing as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars to make. In the 1990’s, we found online email marketing and “spam” showed its face. What followed was search marketing, SEO, blogging and eventually, social media marketing.

Now, we can enjoy the maturation phase of marketing. We have modern technologies at our fingertips and while over 2.3 billion people worldwide own a smartphone, it’s never been easier to connect with customers. We no longer have to talk “at” consumers, but we have the means to connect and talk in real-time.

Digital marketing is important for your business in modern-day Melbourne so companies can engage with their customers in meaningful and exciting ways. Contact One Stop Media for a local digital marketing agency that can get results.

We believe in a 4 step approach to get the best results possible.

  • Market Analysis

    Market Analysis

    Before structuring any online digital marketing campaign, we make a thorough study and analysis of competitors and current industry trends.

  • Strategy & Planning

    Strategy & Planning

    Digital marketing professionals then plan out the appropriate strategy that will deliver excellent and measureable results based on client needs.

  • Implementation


    The plans worked out are implemented through advanced tools and technologies like SEO, SMM and email marketing. The outcomes are of the highest quality.

  • Promotion


    The campaigns are promoted on trending social media platforms for maximum exposure and to create brand awareness. We guarantee measurable results to clients.

We stand for our customers satisfaction

The primary goal at Onestopmedia is maximising customer satisfaction. We involve our clients at every stage of a project and work out strategies that exceed expectations. These strategies are based on:


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