Mobile Friendly Algorithm


Remember Mobilegeddon and the mobile friendly algorithm that Google launched almost exact to this date last year. Well, it definitely changed the way webmasters perceived the importance of having mobile friendly websites. It also catered to the exponentially growing section of the population that relied more and more on their little hand held Internet enabled devices to access the Internet. Those that did not have a website that was perfectly amenable to smart phones and tablets were losing out on business opportunities. Mobilegeddon gave this section a slight nudge to make their businesses more relevant in the online scenario.

Mobile Friendly Algorithm

To carry forward the impact of Mobilegeddon, Google will be launching an update in May this year that in their words will “increase the effect of the [mobile-friendly] ranking signal.” Those who have already made necessary modifications after last year’s update will not be impacted now. As in last year, the roll out will be spread over a period of time to give time to non-mobile-friendly websites to adapt to the change and to ensure that there is not a major drop off immediately for them. However, Google has not specified any time as to when the latest algorithm will come into play full time – weeks or months after the roll out in May.

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