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An attractive interface takes care of limited screen sizes making mobile sites a more potent marketing vehicle. You can’t afford to ignore mobile users as potential customers, so we create effective designs that give you the mobile edge.


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People today cannot think of life without the Web…

Surfing the Internet is the perennial pastime – at lunch or when commuting! So, businesses today should aim to give the audience exactly what they need…your products and services 24×7 before their eyes! Do it successfully with effective Mobile Web Design, especially if you think that your business is worth saving!

Statistics that show use of mobile devices as a primary internet source

According to StatCounter statistics, mobile usage up to March 2014 via IE Mobile, Android, and iOS constitute 15% of the overall internet browsing in Australia. It is up from 2013 same period usage by 11.85% and 2012 same period usage of 7.75%. By 2015 at this rate, 1 out of every 5 web traffic, will come from mobile platforms. Will your business still ignore this potent money churner!

How mobile site is different from the desktop website

Mobile sites differ from desktop websites in smaller screen sizes than desktop or laptop. This necessitates, Content Prioritization so that the users can get to the information they are seeking faster. Other differences include vertical navigation instead of horizontal, less use of hypertexts, limited graphics, text use, and footer minus quick links, better phone function integration and more! However, Responsive Web Designs bridge this gap quite rapidly.

Why Our Mobile Website Designers? 

One Stop Media Mobile Website Design Melbourne is everything you can hope from your site designing services. Our talented team is well versed with the latest techniques in mobile site design and never misses a chance to incorporate updates into projects. Your mobile site will be attractive, highly functional, offering unique user experience every time. We are here for attractive and feasible design inputs, while offering timely help and support when needed. State- of-the-art designs that instantly strike a chord with your audience is our specialty. Over the years, we have helped numerous businesses survive the competition and emerge as a winner!


In the fast-paced world of today, portability is associated with ease-of-access for mobile users. With the increasing availability to fast mobile internet and other wireless networks, the internet has to be carried along and must be available all the time on the go. Thus, when we try to load traditional sites and find them frustratingly-fractured, garbled, or with seemingly incomplete design, users make a judgment call reflecting on the organization as a whole.

Luckily, with One Stop Media, the solution can be a quick and keen design project for a company looking to maximize its reach. And with each passing year, reaching mobile users is less about appealing to a niche group, and more about keeping up with an incredibly-quickly-growing segment of the market.

Our professional expertise, in the field of designing mobile websites, ensures that a visitor gets all the benefits that he/she would have received from the conventional desktop screens. What had been a niche market in the not-so-distant past is slowly transforming itself into the main segment of the internet market. Portability is the keyword and we will help you meet this rising demand most effectively.

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