New Facebook Safety Check Feature to Keep in Touch with Dear Ones during a Disaster


When we face a natural calamity or disaster dangerous enough for our well being it concerns our family, friends and dear ones most. Often at the heck of those troubled moments we lose nerves to let them know about our condition and this leads to confusion and concerns. Facebook with its all new Safety Check feature has come up with a nice solution to address this issue. 1.32 billion Facebook users are in a habit to update events and happenings on their brighter side of life, namely jobs, vacations, shopping, etc. Now they can use this social networking platform to share their condition with friends and foe during a life threatening disaster. The feature which is just launched on last Wednesday would facilitate quick updating of your condition during a disaster. This feature would be useful to reduce and check rumors and concerns during any emergency concern, as experts believe.

How useful it is?

With the new feature in place, now you can easily let your dear ones know whether you are in a safe condition during a natural calamity like hurricane, earthquake, flood or any other disastrous conditions. Our dear earth has been hit by natural calamities too frequently in the recent times affecting millions of lives. In most cases like in the 2011 Tsunami in Japan people turn to Facebook following a disaster like this but only in vain as they have already lost contact with their dear ones possibly hit by the disaster. Such situations give rise to concerns and panic that is to be dealt by the security agencies and caregivers besides undertaking relief work for the affected people.

What inspired developing ‘Safety Check’?

Actually following the Tsunami in Japanese engineers of Facebook tried to address the issue with a system called Disaster Message Board and that received overwhelming response from all corners. Such positive feedback made it obvious for Facebook to work on it and come with the much improved feature called ‘Safety Check’. The new feature is available for all Facebook users across different devices and platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Feature phones, desktops and others. Facebook is committed to make this feature work for letting people connect easily and quickly to their friends and family during any disaster or natural calamity. With this once again Facebook took the lead in addressing real concerns of people’s life in a very useful and effective manner.

How ‘Safety Check’ works? 

How does the new feature works during a disaster? You do not need to be concerned of activating the feature in those times. During the natural disaster it will automatically be activated. During a disaster Facebook depending upon the location information in your profile will ask you to message ‘I am safe’ to all your nearby friends and close ones. As soon as a disaster occurs the activated feature will ask you with a notification whether you are safe or not. If you are fortunately away from the disaster location at that time you can also mark ‘I’m not in the area’ to assure people that you are out of danger. You can also mark your friends as safe, but this will be verified by the feature by sending notifications to them.

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