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Google Calendar

Planning your day and getting the most from it has now become easier than before, with Google rolling out its New Calendar App! Why waste time managing the schedule, when you have the perfect assistant with you now to do this job? Being at the top of schedules is extremely difficult; especially when things you need to do keep on changing throughout the day! For example, you may suddenly need to postpone your dinner reservations for an unexpected business meeting that just came up. Currently, you need to manually update the changes in the calendar. But, not anymore, because the New Google Calendar App works as your 24×7 assistant helping you to arrange, manage, and be up-to-date on your appointment schedules, every time. No more hunting around for phone numbers and addresses to add to different events, as everything now works perfectly on your mobile devices. So aren’t you excited to know what else this advanced assistant is capable of? Read on to find out. You can also go through Google official post.

Get direct Gmail connections!

If you want, Google Calendar App will turn your e-mails to calendar events and everything happens automatically. Today, when you purchase tickets to movies, book flights, or make hotel reservations you receive detailed e-mails from the service providers, don’t you? These generally outline the time, the place, and the date along with other relevant information. You do not need to copy-paste them to the calendar any longer, as these automatically turn into calendar events on your mobile device. Any updates or changes therein are incorporated in the real-time and you stay tuned!

Timesaving Smart Assist at your fingertips

Naturally, your inbox doesn’t contain all the events that you need to be aware of. Piecing together attendees, at addresses, and phone numbers take up much of your time. After all, you need to explore varied sources manually and plan to your satisfaction. Google Calendar App makes this time-consuming job easier for you to perform with auto-complete of searches. The calendar will suggest you people, titles, or places upon typing. Over time, it will attune itself better to your preferences so that the results come up faster.

Attractive and easy to use Schedule View

For many people calendar is the lifeline and not simply a jumble of time and dates. All-new Schedule View of Calendar App includes maps and photos of locations where you may need to travel, along with images of events that you need to attend, such as, a dinner or a meeting. Naturally, for a quick glance nothing could be better than this, could it? The App makes your schedules come alive so that you see ahead and remain abreast of the things to do.

Feature rich with Safe Backups

The new Google Calendar App offers multiple views related to your week, day, or month along with calendar and guest invitees online. Fantastic options are available with this; you will keep on exploring them, and finding startling new benefits as you progress. Web presence of schedule and event information means that you have an automatic backup of data and emails available at all times. So even if you accidentally lose your phone or misplace it somewhere, you will be able to punctually attend the event as per schedule. Overall, this new app from Google resembles your Gmail Inbox, and it is freely available on the Android 5.0 Lollipop, the latest Android OS from Google. Those using Android 4.1+ may tap this Calendar App through updates of Google Play. The search engine giant, Google has revealed that they are presently working on its iPhone version, and will soon launch it.

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