New Places Directory in Facebook offers “Guided Browsing”

Instead of using the so called local search feature Facebook recently opted for New Places Directory to offer its billions of worldwide users a typical “Guided Browsing” experience. This new feature would make local specific searches more accurate and better informed than before. The ace social networking brand that has the largest share of users is believed to have taken further lead with this move. Revealed just few days before, the feature would definitely help to add more value to the user experience. While location specific search is continuing to be the focus area of an array of social platforms this feature would definitely help Facebook consolidate its leading status further.

What is New Places Directory?

This new places directory is nothing but a more optimized local search directory with an array of new place searches in every city. Thanks to this new directory Facebook users now can search more extensive and user friendly way of the places and destinations within a city that they want to locate in their Facebook page. With this new directory in place your local search in Facebook page will become far optimized and value added. This new engraved search feature has been launched almost silently and according to experts the new feature was launched to combat similar experience provided by a few social platforms, most notably Yelp.

What benefits this directory is supposed to offer?

With a lot of local search specific features like graph search, page locations API and a few other elements this new search feature in Facebook will add more value to user experience compared to so called local search. Users can have a better local search experience and can have local destination and map guide of important places in a city just as in travel sites. Though still the feature is still not a complete substitute to the so called local search sites and travel sites, the move can be a clear indication that Facebook is gearing its focus towards local search specific experience with more priority. Let us have a quick recap of the distinct aspects of this New Places Directory and its benefits.

  • It integrates Facebook’s graph search to optimize local search experience further.
  • Users will be able to search a lot of places and important destinations in a new city thanks to this feature.
  • The search in any city can be guided in different categories like restaurants, attractions, hotels, bars, cafes, movie theatres, gyms, landmarks, schools, streets and many more.
  • Integration with Location API would further open new possibilities for more local search specific feature development in the time to come.

The motivation behind the move

Already an array of travel sites is offering similar category based local search options in any city. TripAdvisor, Yelp, Foursquare, are some of these companies of this league that Facebook is joining in. But considering the huge growth in users that Facebook recently seen the move can the big move to push the boundary further. Recently the messenger app from Facebook has registered a whopping growth in user base, from 200 million to 500 million and in this context the new launch can further add fuel motivation in the growth story.

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