New Tag Manager Tools from Google Analytics


For webmasters and app developers Google Tag manager tools is the handy way to create, update and evaluate tags. Obviously tags lead you to traffic if you can manage them professionally enough. Until now these tools have been a great way to evaluate your web performance in certain regards. Creating and updating tags with Google Tag Manager has an array of benefits. The tags would be mobile ready, secure and trusted, more flexible and versatile in playing with others, etc. Google Analytics now launched a new set of tools to make the tag management and creation more interesting and rigorous. The new launch will take these features further ahead of their existing roles and benefits.

What surprising is there in these new tools?

In a recent move Google Analytics has launched an array of new tools for the benefit of the users who uses Tag Manager all too frequently. These tools include new APIs, third party templates and a new and optimized user interface. As explained by Google these new range of APIs and tools will be helpful in customizing infrastructure and managing bulk user access. The APIs are sure to empower the web interface more than ever as Google said in its own blog. Several other web ventures also expressed their satisfaction over the benefits of these new tools and APIs. Particularly the new set of tools has been truly handy in evaluating the results and decision making which used to take months previously.

Arrays of third party tools which have been added recently make this new update even more interesting. Some of the important third party tools that can add more firepower in the interface include ComScore, Criteo, Marin, AdRoll, etc. The new update will look more similar to the Google Adwords and Google Analytics. With this new update launch it is believed that Google has taken a step forward in integrating more value added web tools to the user experience. Definitely this is going to make the user interface more objective driven and workable as far as the user perspective is concerned.

How far the new interface can empower user interface in a new way?

The new APIs besides other benefits would benefit mostly in respect of managing bulk volume of user access. With the new APIs giving permission by any user to other become absolutely easy and simple. Users can practice role based permissions as well when they require doing so. In the span of next few weeks other third party templates will roll out as Google expressed it in its blog. Third party APIs further would add more versatility and user ease to the update.

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