Now Instagram Australian Feeds With Iconic Brand Vegemite


Now get ready to accept a new face of Instagram feed. It will no more the same now! From mid of October, Instagram will make a profit whenever you scroll. It will display advertising to your feeds.

Associate Companies in the Ad List
Having the tag of “sponsored,” ads from nine prominent companies, Instagram feeds will kick off this new concept. You must now see the brands like Vegemite, McDonald’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Tourism Queensland, Flight Centre, Audi, Toyota, Lenovo, and Philadelphia Cream Cheese gaining entry in between photos of breakfasts and sunsets. As per this Facebook-owned company – the brands have been selected given their activeness in the Insta community.

Vegemite’s Prominence
The spread company Vegemite is one of the prominent company active on the Instagram since February 2014 and it has become the most obvious pick to gear up the campaign because of their lifelong association with the Australian audience.

Region/Age/Gender Based Ads
As per the plans is to have display the ads in the feed just like the images your friends are posting, and at the same time being creative and engaging. These ads you will view will be based on the factors like region, age and your gender.

Users Control
The users would have control on the ads. If they don’t like an ad, they can hide it and provide the feedback about what they didn’t feel right about the ad, as per the Instagram statement. The company has a big future idea and building Instagram into a sustainable business in future is one of its strategies.

The company has already announced this ad display in three countries — the U.K, Australia and Canada in the June month.

Mixed Response
This global ad push is not the first initiative by Instagram’s into regional ads. It has initially rolled out these in-feed ads to US users in November; kick starting with a sampling of ads like Michael Kors, Lexus, and Burberry. It received a mixed reaction. The images garnered lots of likes and at the same time lots of annoyed comments from many users who didn’t appreciate the commercialization of Instagram.

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