About Active Smile

Active Smile is committed to smile confidence with their teeth whitening products and kits. Designed by dental experts, Active Smile’s products will have you falling back in love with your smile. Their range of premium products are all made for easy home application and can be implemented into your usual teeth whitening regime.

Collaboration With Active Smile

In an ever-evolving teeth whitening market, Active Smile came to us struggling to make an impact. Active Smile partnered with us to improve their online shopping experience, gain more search engine visibility and ultimately increase conversions, sales and revenue.


After doing in-depth market analysis, we were able to identify a few key areas for improvement and optimisation. The competitive nature of the industry meant it was going to be challenging to rank for vital keywords. This was coupled with several website issues that needed to be resolved to ensure a smoother shopping experience.


We formulated a customised digital strategy that combined an SEO and PPC campaign to chase those sought after conversions and sales. We complemented this with a targeted content plan to build website authority and kick-start the SEO strategy.

Here’s what we did:

Onsite website optimisation to compliment SEO
Website development for a seamless shopping experience
Hyper-targeted PPC campaigns to reach ready to buy consumers
An SEO-orientated content strategy to build website authority


55% Increase In Keyword Ranking
110% Growth In Organic Traffic
80% Increase In Conversions

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