About Australian Private Capital

Australian Private Capital are financial advisors who help people gain financial independence in all walks of life. With a dedicated team of accredited financial planning professionals, APC is a trusted and recognised wealth solutions provider. APC’s challenge lay in generating the traffic they needed to continue to help Australians.

Collaboration With Australian Private Capital

APC came to One Stop Media in an effort to improve their website and start using SEO to increase their visibility. What we discovered when conducting our market research was that APC had a low search engine visibility for the keywords that most related to their services. With this lack of organic web traffic, APC were struggling to generate quality leads.


We worked with APC to identify areas for growth and improvement. What we identified was a lack of functionality in their website format. This was not only affecting their lead opportunities, as potential clients were clicking away from their site after entering it, but also negatively impacting on their search engine visibility, as their website lacked key elements. We also discovered that with the keywords that were most relevant to APC’s services, there was zero to minimal visibility. This gave us the opportunity for SEO and website growth.


APC decided to work with us in formulating a hyper-targeted SEO campaign that included technical SEO optimisation for website performance and functionality.

Here’s what we did:

Keyword, market & customer research
Onsite SEO that included a content marketing strategy to improve website performance
Technical SEO

Here’s what we achieved:

200% Increase In Organic Traffic
350% Increase In Organic Website Visits
15:1 ROI

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