About Body First Health Group

Body First Health Group is an Australian leader in clinical myotherapy, strength and conditioning, nutrition and supplements. They specialise in health services with a holistic approach and have a strong following of loyal clients. Despite their expansive range of services, BFHG were struggling to gain the digital traction they needed for leads and conversions.

Collaboration With Body First Health Group

BFHG came to us wanting to make an impact in the competitive health and wellness space. BFHG faced considerable challenges in the SEO sphere, due to the saturation of the health and fitness market, particularly in Melbourne. To combat this, they partnered with One Stop Media in the aim of seeing real SEO results and an increase in leads and conversions.


Despite having a winning business model, BFHG were struggling to make a mark in the digital world. We started by analysing their website design and identifying possible areas for growth. We then implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy that included targeted suburb keywords.


To customised an SEO strategy for maximum impact, it included:


Technical SEO and onsite audit to optimise website performance
Optimisation of website and content format
Extensive keyword research including suburb based keywords

What We Achieved:

100% Increase In Traffic
68% Increase In Website Enquiries
15:1 ROI Achieved

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