About CampusGroups

Campus Groups is an innovative system that allows you to create a private community platform for your department, school organisation, teams or any other groups on campus. With communication at the centre of the system, Campus Groups gives you the tools to manage and engage communities.

Collaboration With CampusGroups

Campus Groups had the vision to empower school administrators and student leaders worldwide and it was our job to facilitate this through a viable digital strategy that connected Campus Groups with relevant communities and stakeholders. This required a comprehensive and detailed digital strategy that covered different marketing principles.


With an app, website and social media platforms, part of the challenge with amplifying the Campus Groups platform were in creating cohesion between their digital channels. Then there was optimising their app and content to garner greater visibility. We got to work on developing a strategy that would allow Campus Groups to make an impact on the market.


We formulated a multidimensional strategy that included:

Multidimensional Strategy:

Streamlining app and website structure for cohesion
A targeted social media strategy
Technical SEO to optimise app development
Specialised content to build app authority


130% Increase In Organic Traffic
80% Increase In Conversions
50% Increase In Revenue

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