About Ellie Code

Ellie Code is an e-commerce business dedicated to providing woman across Australia with the latest in fashion and accessories. With a firm focus on boutique-style quality merchandise at affordable prices, Ellie Code is a favourite destination for all things new and fashion-forward.

Collaboration with Ellie Code

The challenge Ellie Code faced lay in dominating search results and garnering traffic in the competitive e-commerce market. Although Ellie Code was having some success in implementing a social media presence, work was needed on optimising website UX and converting traffic into sales.


We are acutely aware of how fierce the competition can be in Australia’s ever-evolving fashion e-commerce landscape. The team at Ellie Code were looking for an increase in traffic, sales and revenue to grow and scale their business.


To stand out, Ellie Code had to establish dominance through their web and social presence and optimise their website for success. We combined an SEO & Social Media strategy to accompany a UX and web development plan.

We included:

Technical SEO to improve UX
Targeted Social Media Campaign
Link Building To Increase Domain Authority


200% Increase In Traffic
100% Up In Conversions
60% Increase In Keyword Ranking

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