About FirstGrowthFunds

First Growth Funds is a listed investment company who invests across a wide-ranging of asset classes. This diversified portfolio of opportunities includes invests in blockchain technology, digital currencies, Pre-IPO and large and small cap listed.

Collaboration With FirstGrowthFunds

FGF came to us wanting to expand their network and investment opportunities. They wanted an updated website design and a greater search engine presence. Part of the challenge was making their company stand out from the crowd and attracting the investment opportunities that they were seeking.


We identified website growth opportunities, that included a fresh look and feel to the website. We also set up an SEO strategy to garner the traffic FGF were looking for. We complemented these measures with a comprehensive social media strategy that connected FGF with relevant networks and communities.


We formulated a multidimensional digital strategy to increase company visibility and expand their network.

This included:

Website development and design update
Technical SEO strategy
An all-inclusive social media plan including content for Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
Content marketing strategy to build company authority

What We Achieved:

55% Growth In Organic Traffic
80% Network Growth
60% Increase In Lead Generation

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