About Helmex International

Helmex is an exclusive bathroom, kitchen and laundry provider that have been delivering unforgettable home designs for decades. Sourcing from around the globe, Helmex stock exclusive designs that make an impact. With a trade service that enables them to collaborate with interior designers, architects, developers and the construction industry. Helmex have a showroom in Melbourne where they showcase their products but were looking to expand their business model in the digital e-commerce sphere. Having a stronger digital presence would allow for a wider customer base and sales through their e-commerce platform.

Collaboration With Helmex International

As a design business, we prioritised optimising Helmex’s website with a flawless image and a user-friendly design that would reflect their business. Helmex came to us with some clear objectives, to generate more quality leads, an increase in conversions and of course the all-important ROI. We set to work, doing valuable research into the industry and into the Helmex business. We then put our heads down, optimising the Helmex website and identifying areas for SEO development and execution.


We identified several web development opportunities to make the Helmex website more user and SEO friendly. This included a new flawless design with sleek and stylish images to reflect their products. We optimised their contact form and simplified their check-out process.


We formulated a multi-pronged digital marketing approach, tailored to the needs and objectives of Helmex which included:


A Google Ads Campaign
Web design & development to address customer drop-off rates
A dedicated SEO strategy that included keyword and link acquisition

Helmex achieved some astounding results:

185% Increase In Organic Web Traffic
80% Increase In Conversions

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